Smart Way to Track Google Adsense PIN:

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Track Google Adsense PIN

Is there any natural method to Track Google Adsense PIN? Well, this is a very tricky quarry. Like most of the newbie publishers, I was also stuck while applying for Google Adsense PIN for the first time after completing the minimum threshold in my Adsense account. I was agitated and stressed because, at that time, I wasn’t fully aware of Google AdSense. But after doing a couple of trails, experiments, and smart work, I have got my AdSense PIN within ten days in my specific address. Isn’t it surprising? Here I am going to reveal the master key to Track Google Adsense PIN.

To protect the security of accounts, Google requires publishers to verify their payment address before sending any payments. As we already know that after reaching a minimum threshold of 10 Dollars, Google sends a Verification Mail to our payment address. In order to be get verified and paid, users have to enter the PIN correctly in their respective Adsense account.

When Should I Track My Google Adsense PIN:

Most of the newbie publishers make mistakes while applying for Adsense PIN, so they must know how to Track a Google Adsense PIN. Usually, Adsense PIN takes two to three weeks to arrive, but depending on your area’s location and mail services, it could take three to four weeks. Once the PIN is generated and sent from Adsense authority, you’ll have only four months to enter it into your account. If you failed to enter it in the specific time period, Google would stop showing advertisements on your site/pages.

Now we have reached the most crucial part of this discussion, when should I track my Google Adsense PIN. After requesting a Google Adsense PIN, users should wait for two to three weeks or a month. In certain situations, if you live in a place far from a town or city, it can take comparatively more time. If you don’t get the PIN after waiting for 45 days, you can request a replacement PIN. Again if you don’t get the replacement PIN even after waiting for a month or more, it’s time to Track Google Adsense PIN. But before requesting a new PIN, make sure that your Adsense account’s payment address is real and accurate because google only allows a limited number of attempts.

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Is It Really Possible:

If you haven’t been able to get your verification mail after many attempts, then you must know about how to Track a Google Adsense PIN. Google Adsense PIN Tracking isn’t an easy task, yet there is still a hidden method to try. When was a newbie I was also stuck while applying for Google AdSense PIN for the very first time. But one of my best friend suggest me a 100% real and working method to track Adsense PIN. So here is the lifesaving trick.

How Do I Track Google Adsense PIN:

  • If you haven’t get your AdSense verification code after 1st or 2nd attempt, visit your nearby post office and confirm there.
  • Write a letter to Adsense authority by describing your problem honestly. You can easily contact to Adsense authority via Adsense help forum directly from your Adsense account.
  • Ask them to provide your tracking code.
  • After getting the tracking code Go to this site and track your AdSense PIN.

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