350+ Top Gujarat GK PDF for Gujarat Competitive Exam

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Gujarat GK PDF

Gujarat is one of the wealthiest states in India in terms of natural resources. Agriculture, Forestry, Aquatic and Minerals, all these resources are found in abundance in Gujarat. Apart from its natural resources, the state is also considered India’s Manufacturing Hub as it captures the largest number of small, medium, and large-scale industries in India. This article beautifully described 350+ Important Gujarat GK PDF which are most common for upcoming Gujarat Civil Services Exams.

Do you want to crack the upcoming Gujarat Civil Service exam in your very first attempt? Well, We have brought a complete range of Gujarat General Knowledge PDF with more than three hundred important multiple-choice questions with answers. This article will give you a clear idea of some of the most crucial topics of Gujarat GK including, History, Geography, Polity, Literature, and much more. So its time to download and boost up your preparation with important Gujarat GK PDF from the below mentioned link.

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Gujarat GK PDF | The Success Mantra for Gujarat Competitive Exam:

Gujarat General Knowledge is a very vast and tricky concept. It is practically impossible to read and master it over the night; instead, it requires hard work, dedication, and consistent study. Here we have prepared a master series of Gujarat GK PDF by combining all the essential topics of Gujarat GK. Gujarat GK MCQ PDF can be divided into following sub-sections:

  • Rivers and Dams
  • Historical Monuments
  • Gujarati Literature
  • Famous Personality
  • Physical Geography of Gujarat
  • Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ancient History of Gujarat

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Gujarat is an industrially very developed state located on the western coast of India with an area of approximately 75,685 square miles. The state is well known for its rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Apart from its culture, the state is one of the most popular destinations for various domestic and foreign tourists. This article includes a master series of Gujarat GK Question Answers PDF with over 350+ common Gujarat General Knowledge questions & answers.

Double Your Confidence With 350+ Important Gujarat General Knowledge MCQ:

Q1) In terms of the area, what is the position of Gujarat in India:
A) First
B) Second
C) Third
D) Fifth

Q2) Gujarat is the ______ largest dam builder state of India:
A) First
B) Second
C) Third
D) Fourth

Q3) The Chaulukya dynasty ruled Gujarat from:
A) 900 to 1110
B) 990 to 1389
C) 960 to 1243
D) None of the Above

Q4) How many international airports are there in Gujarat:
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

Q5) There are total _________ administrative districts in Gujarat:
A) 30
B) 31
C) 33
D) 34

Q6) The Narayan Sarovar lake is situated in which district of Gujarat:
A) Bhavnagar
B) Rajkot
C) Patan
D) Kutch

Q7) Gujarat comes under which railway zone of India:
A) South Eastern Railway
B) Northern Railway
C) Eastern Railway
D) Western Railway

Q8) In which year Gujarat College was established:
A) 1857
B) 1879
C) 1920
D) 1910

Q9) What was the capital of Gujarat during the reign of Lord Krishna:
A) Girinagar
B) Dwarka
C) Gandhinagar
D) Karnavati

Q10) Who established the Solanki dynasty in Gujarat:
A) Karnadev Solanki
B) Siddharraj Solanki
C) Mulraja
D) Bhimdev

Q11) Who built the famous Sun Temple of Modhera:
A) Vanraj Chavda
B) Bhimdev Solanki
C) Vastupal Tejpal
D) Siddharraj Jaysingh

Q12) In which year the city of Ahmedabad was founded:
A) 1411
B) 1445
C) 1450
D) 1465

Q13) Kirti Mandir is a memorial house of which of the following leaders:
A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) Sardar Patel
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Narendra Modi

Q14) How many days did the Quit India Movement strike in schools and colleges in Gujarat during 1942:
A) 58
B) 65
C) 90
D) 105

Q15) When did Gandhiji establish Gujarat Vidyapeeth:
A) 1918
B) 1919
C) 1920
D) 1924

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Q16) Mahagujarat Janata Parishad was formed in:
A) 1960
B) 1956
C) 1958
D) 1963

Q17) When was the first Panchayati Raj system was started in Gujarat:
A) 1963
B) 1965
C) 1970
D) 1972

Q18) Who is the first woman astronaut of Gujarati origin:
A) Sunita Williams
B) Kalpana Chawla
C) Mrinal Sarabhai
D) None of the Above

Q19) Which port of Gujarat is called “the garment of the world”
A) Mundra
B) Khambhat
C) Dowry
D) Surat

Q20) Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is located in which district:
A) Amreli
B) Dang
C) Jamnagar
D) Bhavnagar

Q21) How many Lok Sabha seats are there in Gujarat:
A) 26
B) 27
C) 28
D) 29

Q22) Which among the following is the first Kerosene free district in Gujarat:
A) Junagadh
B) Gandhinagar
C) Surat
D) Porbandar

Q23) Who was the last Hindu ruler of Gujarat:
A) Karnadev
B) Visaladeva
C) Mulraja
D) Tribhuvanapala

Q24) In which year Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL) was founded:
A) 1946
B) 1956
C) 1987
D) 1990

Q25) Which of the following river flows through Surat:
A) Tapti
B) Narmada
C) Mahi
D) Godavari

Q26) Name the first full-length Gujarati film:
A) Ranakdevi
B) Shethani
C) Guna Sundari
D) Narsinh Mehta

Q27) CB Patel International Cricket Stadium is located at:
A) Kutch
B) Junagadh
C) Surat
D) Rajkot

Q28) Which one is the longest river in Gujarat:
A) Tapi
B) Narmada
C) Sabarmati
D) Mahi

Q29) What is the literacy rate of Gujarat as per the 2011 census:
A) 75.34%
B) 76.32%
C) 79.31%
D) 89.34%

Q30) Gir Forest National Park was established in the year:
A) 1945
B) 1965
C) 1966
D) 1971

Q31) Which among the following is the largest national park in Gujarat:
A) Vansda National Park
B) Marine National Park
C) Blackbuck National Park
D) Gir Forest National Park

Q32) How many national parks are there in Gujarat:
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6

Q33) What is the approximate area of Gir Forest National Park:
A) 258.71 KM²
B) 162.89 KM²
C) 112.73 KM²
D) 34.53 KM²

Q34) The total number of wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat:
A) 20
B) 21
C) 22
D) 23

Q35) Which sea is situated to the west of Gujarat:
A) Yellow
B) Arabian
C) Timor
D) Laptev

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Q36) The Surat city is famous for which among the following industry:
A) Tourism
B) Coal
C) Oil & Gas
D) Textile

Q37) “Kutch,” the oldest museum in Gujarat, was established in the year:
A) 1877
B) 1891
C) 1897
D) 1899

Q38) Who wrote the novel, Swarswati Chandra:
A) Nandshankar Mehta
B) Navalram Pandya
C) Bholenath Sarabhai
D) Govardhanram Tripathi

Q39) According to the 2011 census, which is the most populous district of Gujarat:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Surat
C) Vadodara
D) Rajkot

Q40) Which is the highest mountain peak of Gujarat:
A) Satpura
B) Aravalli
C) Kutch
D) Girnar

Q41) The Abhay Ghat Samadhi located in Ahmedabad belongs to:
A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel
C) Morarji Desai
D) Jawaharlal Nehru

Q42) Which among the following Gujarati poet is popularly known as Raskavi:
A) Nanalal Dalpatram Kavi
B) Premanand Bhatt
C) Dalpatram Dahyabhai Travadi
D) Suresh Joshi

Q43) Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is located at:
A) Kutch
B) Junagadh
C) Narmada
D) Jamnagar

Q44) Name the smallest national park in Gujarat:
A) Gir Forest National Park
B) Blackbuck National Park
C) Vansda National Park
D) Marine National Park

Q45) Vansda National Park is located in which of the following district of Gujarat:
A) Junagadh
B) Bhavnagar
C) Navsari
D) Jamnagar

Q46) What is the female literacy rate of Gujarat as per the 2011 census:
A) 61.11%
B) 69.68%
C) 75.21%
D) 85.75%

Q47) The river Narmada doesn’t flow through which of the following states:
A) Gujarat
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Maharashtra
D) Andhra Pradesh

Q48) What is the total length of the Narmada river in Gujarat:
A) 74 KM
B) 56 KM
C) 161 KM
D) 189 KM

Q49) What is the origin of the Aji river:
A) Sardhara Ridge
B) Saputara Hills
C) Aravalli Hills
D) Sahyadri Hill

Q50) Which of the following Gujarati writer was also known as Sawai Gujarati:
A) Narsinh Mehta
B) Kakasaheb Kalelkar
C) Govardhanram Tripathi
D) Kavi Narmad

Q51) Who built the famous temple of Mallinath on the Girnar hill:
A) Vastupal and Tejpal
B) Pratishtha King Nag Bhatt II
C) Mularaja
D) Udayamati

Q52) The city of Wadhwan is situated on the banks of which river:
A) Bhogavo River
B) Narmada River
C) Mahi River
D) Tapi River

Q53) Which city is known as the pride of Saurashtra:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Patan
C) Dwarka
D) Rajkot

Q54) Aliabet is an island formed at the mouth of which river:
A) Sabarmati River
B) Narmada River
C) Tapi River
D) Mahi River

Q55) The Jain temples of Palitana are located on which mountain:
A) Shatrunjaya Hill
B) Pavagadh Hill
C) Saputara Hill
D) Girnar Hill

Q56) By what name was Siddhpur known in ancient times:
A) Karnavati
B) Suryapur
C) Sristhal
D) Kathiawar

Q57) Who led the famous Bardoli Satyagraha:
A) Morarji Desai
B) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Gulzarilal Nanda

Q58) Manjira dance is a popular type of folk dance of which among the following community:
A) Padhar
B) Kharadi
C) Balat
D) Chodhara

Q59) In which city of Gujarat the Jubilee Bridge is located:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Surat
C) Porbandar
D) Rajkot

Q60) Which city of Gujarat is also known as the “City of Books”
A) Patan
B) Anand
C) Godhara
D) Navsari

Q61) In which district of Gujarat has the largest number of Sawmills:
A) Amreli
B) Bhavnagar
C) Kheda District
D) Patan

Q62) In which city the headquarters of Gujarat Ayurveda University is located:
A) Jamnagar
B) Bhavnagar
C) Ahmedabad
D) Rajkot

Q63) Which is the largest artificial lake in Gujarat:
A) Kankaria Lake
B) Thol Lake
C) Sardar Sarovar Lake
D) Harmirsar Lake

Q64) Which among the following district of Gujarat is bounded by only one district:
A) Valsad District
B) Kheda District
C) Navsari District
D) Dang District

Q65) Under whose leadership the “Mahagujarat Janata Parishad” was established:
A) Sanat Mehta
B) Satyam Patel
C) Dinkar Mehta
D) Indulal Yagnik

Q66) Which Mughal Emperor described Ahmedabad as a dusty city:
A) Jahangir
B) Shahjahan
C) Akbar
D) Aurangzeb

Q67) Which Chinese traveler came to Gujarat in 640 AD:
A) Fa-Hien
B) I-tsing
C) Hieun Tsang
D) None of the Above

Q68) “Ushanas” is the surname of which Gujarati poet:
A) Natwarlal Pandya
B) Govardhanram Tripathi
C) Premanand Bhatt
D) Nanalal Dalpatram Kavi

Q69) Pirotan Island is located in which district of Saurashtra:
A) Junagadh
B) Jamnagar
C) Bhavnagar
D) Porbandar

Q70) On which river is the “Khodiyar Dam” is located:
A) Narmada River
B) Hiran River
C) Mahi River
D) Shetrunji River

Q71) Who was the last king of Solanki dynasty:
A) Tribhuvanapala
B) Mularaja
C) Bhima I
D) Kumarapala

Q72) Which city of Gujarat is the largest producer of crude oil:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Rajkot
C) Ankleshwar
D) Vadodara

Q73) Which among the following personalities are not belong to Gujarat:
A) Morarji Desai
B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D) Azim Premji

Q74) The famous Kite Festival of Gujarat is celebrated on:
A) 14th January
B) 14th February
C) 14th March
D) 14th April

Q75) Which district of Gujarat has the highest average rainfall:
A) Bharuch
B) Patan
C) Aravalli
D) Dang

Q76) The Sabarmati, one of the biggest rivers of North Gujarat, originates from:
A) Dhebar Lake Rajasthan
B) Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh
C) Siranva Hill Rajasthan
D) Saputara Hills

Q77) Which among the following is not a right tributary of the river Narmada:
A) Kolar
B) Hatni
C) Orsang
D) Tawa

Q78) The most ancient mountain range in Gujarat:
A) Satpura Range
B) Vindhya Range
C) Aravalli Range
D) Sahyadri range

Q79) Who was the first independent Muslim ruler of Gujarat:
A) Ahmad Shah I
B) Ahmad Shah Bahadur
C) Muhammad Shah
D) Zafar Khan Muzaffar

Q80) The _____ bounds the state of Gujarat in the west and southwest:
A) Arabian Sea
B) Pakistan
C) Rajasthan
D) Madhya Pradesh

Q81) The Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya is situated in:
A) Surat
B) Vadodara
C) Gandhinagar
D) Ahmedabad

Q82) The famous Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad was built by:
A) Ahmed Shah I
B) Muzaffar Shah I
C) Shahjahan
D) Sikandar Shah

Q83) The famous Jama Masjid of Ahmedabad was built in the year:
A) 1421
B) 1422
C) 1423
D) 1424

Q84) Modhera Sun Temple of Mehsana is situated on the bank of which river:
A) Aji
B) Ambica
C) Pushpavati
D) Mahi

Q85) In the Vadodara district, a place called Sankheda is well known for its:
A) Clay Items
B) Woodcraft
C) Painting
D) Jewellery

Q86) In which district of Gujarat bauxite is found:
A) Dahod
B) Kutch
C) Dang
D) Vodadora

Q87) In which district of Gujarat the sunrise occurs first:
A) Navsari
B) Dahod
C) Surat
D) Amreli

Q88) Who is the author of the first travelogue of Gujarati literature, “Englandni Musafarinu Varnan”
A) Mahipatram Rupram Nilkanth
B) Govardhanram Tripathi
C) Nawal Kishore Pandit
D) Dalpatram Dahyabhai Travadi

Q89) In which year Swami Dayanand Saraswati was born:
A) 1820
B) 1824
C) 1832
D) 1840

Q90) Lothal, a town of Harappan culture, is currently located in which state:
A) Punjab
B) Haryana
C) Gujarat
D) Rajasthan

Q91) Which among the following personality is known as Bismarck of India:
A) Morarji Desai
B) Gandhiji
C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
D) Sardar Patel

Q92) Who banned the celebration of religious festivals like Holi and Diwali in Gujarat:
A) Aurangzeb
B) Mahmud Bagdo
C) Ahmed Shah
D) Zafar Khan

Q93) Sarpagandha river flows in which district of Gujarat:
A) Kheda
B) Dang
C) Dahod
D) Kutch

Q94) Which of the following mountain range was known as Ujjayantagiri in ancient times:
A) Aravalli Range
B) Satpura Range
C) Girnar
D) Vindhya Range

Q95) How many sessions of Congress were held in Gujarat before independence:
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Q96) By which name Ramchandra Pandurang is known in history:
A) Bhagat Singh
B) Tatya Tope
C) Kunwar Singh
D) Bhoja Bhagat

Q97) The Navsari city is situated on the banks of which river:
A) Tapi
B) Aji
C) Purna River
D) Sabarmati

Q98) Which among the following is considered to be the founder of modern Gujarati literature:
A) Akho
B) Premanand
C) Narmad
D) Dayaram

Q99) Who was the author of the book Kavijivan:
A) Navalram Pandya
B) Damodar Botadkar
C) Kalapi
D) Dalpatram

Q100) What is the ancient name of Bhavnagar:
A) Jhalawar
B) Gohilwad
C) Malawad
D) Bhavpur

Q101) What is the ancient name of Surat:
A) Suratpur
B) Suratnagar
C) Suryanagar
D) Suryapur

Q102) What is the total number of rivers in Gujarat:
A) 175
B) 180
C) 185
D) 195

Q103) Name the district with the most numbers of rivers in Gujarat:
A) Banaskantha
B) Sabarkantha
C) Ahmedabad
D) Kutch

Q104) Which among the following was the capital of Mahmud Begada’s kingdom:
A) Junagadh
B) Patan
C) Champaner
D) Ahmedabad

Q105) Who founded the city of Anhilpur Patan:
A) Vanraj Chawda
B) Mularaja
C) Jay Shikhari
D) Karan Ghelo

Q106) Who was the most glorious ruler of the Solanki dynasty:
A) Kumarapala
B) Mularaja
C) Bhimdev
D) Siddharaja Jaysimha

Q107) Which place in Gujarat is known as the headquarters of the White Revolution:
A) Anand
B) Ahmedabad
C) Surat
D) Gandhinagar

Q108) Which among the following is the largest port in Gujarat:
A) Kandla
B) Dahej Port
C) Porbandar
D) Hazira

Q109) What is the total length of the Gujarat coastline:
A) 1400 KM
B) 1500 KM
C) 1600 KM
D) 1700 KM

Q110) Who was the founder-editor of the “Kumar” magazine:
A) Ravishankar Rawal
B) Jivraj Mehta
C) Dayaram
D) None of the Above

Q111) The office of the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi is located:
A) Bhavnagar
B) Surat
C) Gandhinagar
D) None of the Above

Q112) Who is the author of the famous Gujarati novel Malela Jeev:
A) Dayaram
B) Kavi Kant
C) Pannalal Patel
D) None of the Above

Q113) “Jigar and Ami” is a romantic novel written by:
A) Nanalal Dalpatram Kavi
B) Chunilal Vardhman Shah
C) Dayaram
D) None of the Above

Q114) Ambubhai Purani Award is associated with which among the following fields:
A) Politics
B) Sports
C) Education
D) Literature

Q115) Which among the following is the first talkie film of Gujarat:
A) Narsinh Mehta
B) Alam Ara
C) Nanibai
D) None of the Above

Q116) The Tropic of Cancer passes through which part of Gujarat:
A) Central Gujarat
B) East Gujarat
C) South Gujarat
D) North Gujarat

Q117) The history of Gujarat was first written by:
A) Ravishankar Maharaj
B) Jairam Patel
C) Edalji Dosabhai
D) None of the Above

Q118) The State Disaster Management Act was first executed in:
A) Rajasthan
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Gujarat

Q119) Who is the first Gujarati woman to win Magsaysay Award:
A) Ranjan Bhatt
B) Anandi Ben Patel
C) Ilabahen Bhatt
D) None of the Above

Q120) How many Rajya Sabha seats are there in Gujarat:
A) 8
B) 9
C) 10
D) 11

Q121) What is the current number of talukas in Gujarat:
A) 251
B) 252
C) 253
D) 254

Q122) How many Municipal corporations are there in Gujarat:
A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9

Q123) What is the geographical location of Gujarat in India:
A) East
B) West
C) North
D) South

Q124) Kaparada taluka is located in which district of Gujarat:
A) Valsad
B) Navsari
C) Tapi
D) Amreli

Q125) Which of the following districts of Gujarat has the lowest forest cover:
A) Dahod
B) Kheda
C) Anand
D) Gandhinagar

Q126) Manganese is found in which of the following districts in Gujarat:
A) Panchmahal
B) Banaskantha
C) Rajkot
D) Porbandar

Q127) Which port of Gujarat has been operating as the first private port of the country since 1998:
A) Dholera
B) Kandla
C) Porbandar
D) Pipavav

Q128) Mangove forests is located in which of the following districts of Gujarat:
A) Kutch and Jamnagar.
B) Surat and Dang
C) Valsad and Navsari
D) Sabarkantha, Banaskantha

Q129) Which district of Gujarat has the largest reserve of Lignite:
A) Kutch
B) Banaskantha
C) Sabarkantha
D) Patan

Q130) Which place in Gujarat was mainly known for its agate ornaments:
A) Anjar
B) Rajkot
C) Bhavnagar
D) Khambhat

Q131) Where are the Fertilizer Factories of IFFCO located in Gujarat:
A) Vadodara, Jamnagar
B) Kalol, Kandla
C) Junagadh, Bhavnagar
D) Mundra, Valsad

Q132) The total geographical area of Gujarat is _____ sq. kilometres:
A) 1.56 Lakh
B) 1.96 Lakh
C) 2.96 Lakh
D) 3.11 Lakh

Q133) In which place of Gujarat the first mineral oil was found:
A) Ankleshwar
B) Mundra
C) Lunej
D) None of the Above

Q134) “Bhrigukachchh” was the ancient name of which of the following city of Gujarat:
A) Daman
B) Surat
C) Khambhat
D) Bharuch

Q135) “Barbarak Jishnu” is the nickname of which among the following Solanki king:
A) Jayasimha Siddharaja
B) Kumarapala
C) Tribhuvanapala
D) Mularaja II

Q136) Which among the following king introduced compulsory primary education in Gujarat:
A) Meghraj Singh
B) Fateh Singh Gaekwad
C) Mulraj Solanki
D) Sayajirao Gaekwad

Q137) Which of the following is considered as the first Jain Tirthankar:
A) Rishabha Deva
B) Parshvanatha
C) Neminath
D) Mahavir Swami

Q138) In which state of Gujarat the first telephone service was first introduced:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Kheda
C) Vadodara
D) None of the Above

Q139) Which is the busiest national highway passing through Gujarat:
A) NH 8
B) NH 47
C) NH 48
D) NH 51

Q140) Which district of Gujarat has the highest literacy rate:
A) Surat
B) Ahmedabad
C) Anand
D) Gandhinagar

Q141) Which among the following is the most densely populated district of Gujarat:
A) Ahmedabad
B) Surat
C) Vadodara
D) Rajkot

Q142) Which district has the lowest male-female sex ratio in Gujarat:
A) Kutch
B) Chhota Udaipur
C) Dahod
D) Surat

Q143) What is the population density per 1 square km of Gujarat:
A) 302
B) 305
C) 307
D) 308

Q144) Which among the following city is known as the Sanskrit city of Saurashtra:
A) Bhavnagar
B) Jamnagar
C) Amreli
D) Rajkot

Q145) Which city of Gujarat is known as the Pier of the Saints:
A) Junagadh
B) Somnath
C) Girnar
D) Siddhpur

Q146) Which city of Gujarat is known as the city of books:
A) Navsari
B) Valsad
C) Surat
D) None of the Above

Q147) From which year National Blindness Control Program was started in the state of Gujarat:
A) 1972
B) 1978
C) 1979
D) 1982

Q148) How many agro-meteorological divisions are there in Gujarat:
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14

Q149) The full form of GERI is:
A) Gujarat Energy Research Institute
B) Gujarat Education Research Institute
C) Gujarat Engineering Research Institute
D) Gujarat English Research Institute

Q150) Thakkar Bapa is mainly known for the welfare of which social group:
A) Scheduled Castes
B) Scheduled Tribes
C) Other Backward Classes
D) Expanding communities

Q151) Which among the following statement is correct regarding the Gujarat police:
A) Truth, Service, Security
B) Service, Security, Peace
C) Security, Peace, Truth
D) None of These

Q152) Which among the following is India’s first integrated horticulture district:
A) Valsad
B) Navsari
C) Bhavnagar
D) Kutch

Q153) In which district of Gujarat, Kachchi language is used as mother tongue:
A) Kutch
B) Mehsana
C) Banaskantha
D) Dang

Q154) The “Patola” is a unique variety of women’s wear, which belongs to:
A) Champaner
B) Surat
C) Rajkot
D) Patan

Q155) Who ended the rule of the Vaghela dynasty and established the Muslim rule in Gujarat:
A) Alauddin Khalji
B) Humayun
C) Mahmud Bageda
D) Ahmad Shah

Q156) Which of the following Chavda ruler named the city Champaner:
A) Yogaraja
B) Vanraj Chavda
C) Samantsimha
D) None of the Above

Q157) Who was the last ruler of Gujarat Sultanate:
A) Muzaffar Shah III
B) Sikandar Shah
C) Ahmad Shah I
D) None of the Above

Q158) The Battle of Diu was fought in:
A) 1506
B) 1507
C) 1508
D) 1509

Q159) The Gujarat Sultanate came to an end in:
A) 1571
B) 1572
C) 1573
D) 1564

Q160) Shivaji attacked Surat in 1664 and in ________:
A) 1672
B) 1673
C) 1674
D) 1675

Q161) Who was first Gujarati to be appointed in the Supreme Court of India:
A) Harilal Kaniya
B) P. N. Patel
C) Chimanlal Vaniya
D) N.S. Thakkar

Q162) In which year the Director of Municipality was established in the state of Gujarat:
A) 1962
B) 1963
C) 1964
D) 1965

Q163) The total number of agricultural universities situated in Gujarat:
A) 3
B) 4
C) 7
D) 9

Q164) Who was the first European power to arrive in Gujarat:
A) Dutch
B) French
C) Portuguese
D) British

Q165) Which of the following river was referred to as Rewa in ancient times:
A) Sabarmati
B) Narmada
C) Mahi
D) None of the Above

Q166) Find out the west-flowing river in Gujarat:
A) Narmada
B) Sabarmati
C) Mahi
D) All of the Above

Q167) In which year the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation (SRDC) was set up:
A) May 1996
B) May 1997
C) May 1998
D) May 1999

Q168) Name the largest wetland sanctuary in Gujarat:
A) Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
B) Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
C) Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
D) None of the Above

Q169) For how many times Madhavsinh Solanki was the former CM of Gujarat:
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

Q170) The district headquarter of Dang district is situated in:
A) Ahwa
B) Subir
C) Wagah
D) None of the Above

Q171) Which among the following is the largest rice-growing district in Gujarat:
A) Valsad
B) Jamnagar
C) Amreli
D) Anand

Q172) Which mountain range lies between the rivers Tapi and Narmada:
A) Amarkantak
B) Vidhyanchal
C) Sahyadri
D) Satpura

Q173) Which of the following city of Gujarat is known for its Zardosi work:
A) Palanpur
B) Khambat
C) Jamnagar
D) Surat

Q174) The “Tanariri” Music Festival is organized by the Government of Gujarat in the month of:
A) Kartika
B) Pausha
C) Magha
D) Vaisakha

Q175) In which period the Gadadhar temple at Shamlaji was built:
A) Solanki Period
B) Mughal Period
C) Maurya Period
D) None of These

Q176) Asait Thakar, the father of Bhavai, was a native of:
A) Mehsana
B) Patan
C) Siddhpur
D) Palanpur

Q177) Which of the following ruler is related to the Maurya dynasty:
A) Samudragupta
B) Bimbisara
C) Chandragupta II
D) Bindusara

Q178) Name the creator of Okhaharan:
A) Premanand
B) Akho
C) Narasimha Mehta
D) Mirabai

Q179) In which year the first autobiography in Gujarati language Mari Hakikat was first published in:
A) 1932
B) 1933
C) 1934
D) 1935

Q180) Gujarat accounts for _____ percent of India’s total bauxite reserves:
A) 7%
B) 8%
C) 9%
D) 10%

Q181) Gujarat has the ______ largest reserves of bauxite in India:
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 3rd
D) 4th

Q182) Gujarat has about ________ hectares of land under forest:
A) 11 Lakh
B) 16 Lakh
C) 19 Lakh
D) 23 Lakh

Q183) How many international airports are situated in Gujarat:
A) Two
B) Four
C) Six
D) Nine

Q184) How many agricultural universities are located in Gujarat:
A) Three
B) Five
C) Seven
D) Nine

Q185) Name the commercial capital of Gujarat:
A) Surat
B) Rajkot
C) Vadodara
D) Ahmedabad

Q186) Under which ruler did Gujarat flourish as a center of arts and commerce:
A) Mularaja I
B) Bhima I
C) Jayasimha Siddharaja
D) None of the Above

Q187) The Chaulukya Dynasty ruled Gujarat form _______ to ______ century:
A) 600 to 1100
B) 700 to 1500
C) 960 to 1243
D) 980 to 1190

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the highest waterfall in Gujarat?

Girmal Waterfall, Dang

Which city of Gujarat is known as the power house of India?


What is the name of the folk music of Gujarat?

Sugam Sangeet

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