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General Science PDF

The systematic study of a specific subject with relevant evidence and simple explanation is called science in the general sense. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, science contributes to 90% of the items we use in our daily lives. This article contains a dedicated series of General Science PDF with 500+ most important questions and answers on General Science.

General Science PDF is a complete series of GK MCQ with 500+ selected questions and answers on General Science. The series is specially designed for students preparing for any State or National level competitive exam in India. Let’s make your preparation more knowledgeable and up-to-date with our fabulous collection of General Science GK PDF.

General Science PDF | Download 500+ Important General Science Questions with Answer:


General Science PDF | Everything You Wanted to Know About General Science:

Whether preparing for a board exam or a competitive one, General Science always plays an important role. Exams like UPSC, Banks, railways, SSC, etc, have the highest number of questions on general science. So it is essential to study General Science PDF thoroughly to achieve better marks in any test. From the exam perspective, General Science PDF can be divided into four major sections:

  • Physics GK PDF
  • Chemistry GK PDF
  • Biology GK PDF
  • Botany GK PDF

This article has discussed 500+ important General Science Questions Answers PDF by covering all the essential topics. This post will answer all your doubts and quarries regarding General Science MCQs without buying any costly books.

Best Way to Find General Science PDF Online:

Recently, many students have requested us to upload a series of General Science PDF on our blog. After analyzing the last 10 years question papers we have prepared a unique and dedicated series of General Science MCQ PDF in response to all the students needs. General Science PDF offers a series of over 500+ most probable General Science question & answers with PDF in order to maintain your knowledge and confidence for the upcoming exams. You can easily read & download General Science Questions Answers PDF from the link attached below.

Benefits of Practicing Science GK PDF:

  • General science pdf helps in getting a fair idea about a particular test before attempting the actual test.
  • A good habit of practicing General Science pdf regularly helps in improving the ability to solve maximum number of questions in a limited time period.
  • It helps in maintaining our daily dose of knowledge and keeps us fear free.

General Science MCQ PDF | Read & Download 500+ Important General Science Questions in English:

General Science PDF is an ultimate choice for the students specially who are preparing for any UPSC, SSC, Bank and Railway exams. In this article we have tried our best to clear each and every topic of General Science MCQ which were asked in various recent exams. So its time to make your preparation unique and more informative with free General Science MCQ PDF.

Q1) The study of flower is known as:
A) Phrenology
B) Anthology
C) Agrostology
D) Palynology

Q2) The PH value of human blood is:
A) 6.6
B) 7.2
C) 7.4
D) 7.8

Q3) Hemoglobin is a:
A) Protein
B) Carbohydrate
C) Fat
D) Vitamins

Q4) The vitamin that is most rapidly manufactured in our body is:
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

Q5) Accumulation of which one of the following in our muscle leads to fatigue:
A) Lactic Acid
B) Pyruvic Acid
C) Benzoic Acid
D) Uric Acid

Q6) The escape velocity of the Earth is:
A) 7.0 km/sec
B) 11.2 km/sec
C) 15.0 km/sec
D) 21.1 km/sec

Q7) Which one of the following pair is not correctly matched:
A) Anemometer : Wind Speed
B) Ammeter : Electric Current
C) Tacheometer : Pressure Difference
D) Pyrometer : High Temperatur

Q8) Which one of the following method is used to seperate water from alcohol water mixture:
A) Decantation
B) Evaporation
C) Sublimation
D) Distillation

Q9) The number of chambers in a human heart is:
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6

Q10) Which one of the following metal is used with iron to make it rust free:
A) Alluminium
B) Carbon
C) Chromium
D) Tin

Q11) Athlete’s foot is a disease caused by:
A) Bacteria
B) Fungus
C) Protozoan
D) Nematode

Q12) In eye donation which part of the donor’s eye is utilised:
A) Iris
B) Retina
C) Lens
D) Cornea

Q13) The major component of Honey is:
A) Glucose
B) Maltose
C) Fructose
D) Sucrose

Q14) The velocity of sound is minimum in:
A) Vacuum
B) Water
C) Air
D) Iron

Q15) How many bones are present in human ears:
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 9

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Q16) A satellite is kept moving in its orbit around the Earth due to its:
A) Centrifugal Force
B) Centripetal Force
C) Gravitational Force
D) None of the Above

Q17) The time period of a Pendulum:
A) Depends on its Length
B) Depends on the Mass
C) Depends on Time
D) Depends on Temperature

Q18) In case of rusting, the weight of Iron will be:
A) Increase
B) Decrease
C) Remains Same
D) Uncertain

Q19) Melbomian gland is located in:
A) Ear
B) Nose
C) Skin
D) Eye

Q20) The weight of our body is mostly made of:
A) From Bones
B) Parts of Body
C) From Water
D) Parts of Skin

Q21) Which one of the following organ is affected by Malaria:
A) Heart
B) Lungs
C) Kidney
D) Spleen

Q22) Which of the following substance is used for Artificial Rain:
A) Silver Bromide
B) Ammonium Nitrate
C) Silver Iodide
D) All of the Above

Q23) Which one of the following gas is known as Noble Gas:
A) Hydrogen
B) Oxygen
C) Helium
D) Carbon Dioxide

Q24) Which one of the following device is used for detecting lie:
A) Polygraph
B) Pyrometer
C) Gyroscope
D) Kymograph

Q25) ELISA test is performed to test:
A) Diabetes
B) Tuberculosis
C) Aids
D) Typhoid

Q26) A man, who doesn’t know when to stop eating, is suffering from:
A) Bulimia
B) Diabetes
C) Anorexia
D) Hyperacidity

Q27) Which of the following device is used for converting Alternative Current into Direct Current:
A) Dynomo
B) Motor
C) Transformer
D) Rectifier

Q28) Octane number is used for measuring the quality of:
A) Edible Oil
B) Petrol
C) Kerosene Oil
D) Perfumed Oil

Q29) The chemical name of Baking Soda is:
A) Sodium Chloride
B) Sodium Sulphate
C) Sodium Bicarbonate
D) Sodium Hydroxide

Q30) The sky appears blue due to its:
A) Scattering of Light
B) Diffraction of Light
C) Refraction of Light
D) Reflection of Light

Q31) Which one of the following is not a plant product:
A) Caffeine
B) Piperine
C) Nicotine
D) Saccharin

Q32) Arthritis is caused by the disposition of which one of the following in the joints of our body:
A) Urea
B) Uric Acid
C) Albumin
D) Cholesterol

Q33) The chemical name of lime stone is:
A) Calcium Carbonate
B) Magnesium Chloride
C) Sodium Chloride
D) Sodium Sulphide

Q34) Bronze is an alloy of:
A) Copper & Silver
B) Copper & Zinc
C) Copper & Lead
D) Copper & Tin

Q35) Which of the following vitamins are water soluble:
A) Vitamin A & Vitamin B
B) Vitamin B & Vitamin C
C) Vitamin C & Vitamin D
D) Vitamin A & Vitamin K

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Q36) The age of a tree is determined by its:
A) Height
B) Grith
C) Growth Rings
D) General Appearance

Q37) The density of milk can be measured by:
A) Hydrometer
B) Lactometer
C) Butyrometer
D) Thermometer

Q38) In Automobiles, Hydraulic Brake is works on:
A) Pascal’s Law
B) Archimedes Principal
C) Newton’s Law of Motion
D) Bernoulli’s Principal

Q39) The main components of Liquid Petrolium Gas (LPG) are:
A) Methane, Ethane and Hexane
B) Methane, Pentane and Hexane
C) Ethane, Propane and Butane
D) Methane, Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen

Q40) Lack of which of the following substance in our body causes Diabetes:
A) Insulin
B) Haemoglobin
C) Histamin
D) Glycine

Q41) The number of RCB count in an adult male is:
A) 6.5 Million
B) 5.0 Million
C) 4.5 Million
D) 4.0 Million

Q42) One Barrel of oil is equal to which one of the following:
A) 131 Litre
B) 159 Litre
C) 179 Litre
D) 201 Litre

Q43) Humans can’t digest grass like cows, because of the presence of:
A) Chlorophyll in Grass
B) Pesticides in Grass
C) Proteins in Grass
D) Cellulose in Grass

Q44) Which of the following device uses Ultrasonic Waves for getting images of internal organs of human body:
A) Ultrasound Scanner
B) MRI Scanner
C) XRay Machine
D) CT Scanner

Q45) Which of the following determines the loudness or softness of the sound:
A) Oscillation
B) Frequency
C) Amplitude
D) Wave Velocity

Q46) Which of the following pollutants is the major contributor to the photochemical smog:
A) Hydroperoxides
B) Peroxynitrates
C) Ozone
D) Nitrogen Dioxide

Q47) Haemoglobin is the protein inside red blood cells that carries:
A) Oxygen
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Nitrogen
D) Ozone

Q48) Which among the following diseases is very rare in women as compared to its occurrence in men:
A) Myopia
B) Kidney Stone
C) Brain Tumor
D) Colour Blindness

Q49) Which of the following is to be found in nail polish remover:
A) Acetone
B) Benzone
C) Petroleum Ether
D) Acetic Acid

Q50) A gas thermometer is more sensitive than a liquid thermometer, because:
A) Gas is Lighter than Liquid
B) It Expands more than a Liquid
C) It is Easy to Obtain
D) Doesn’t Change State Easily

Q51) In the Atmosphere ultraviolet rays are observed by:
A) Oxygen
B) Nitrogen
C) Ozone
D) Hellium

Q52) Who is known as the father of Immunology:
A) Louis Pasteur
B) Robert Koch
C) Landsteiner
D) Edward Jenner

Q53) Velocity of Light is maximum in which of the following:
A) Diamond
B) Water
C) Vacuum
D) Hydrogen

Q54) The presence if which of the following prevents coagulation of blood inside the human body:
A) Fibrin
B) Haemoglobin
C) Heparin
D) Thromboplastin

Q55) Acid rain is caused by the pollution of the environment by:
A) Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen
B) Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide
C) Ozone and Carbon Dioxide
D) Nitrous Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide

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Q56) Which one of the following element is used in solar cells:
A) Silicon
B) Cerium
C) Astatine
D) Vanadium

Q57) Which one of the following is an example of natural acid-base indicator:
A) Methyl Orange
B) Phenolphthalein
C) Turmeric
D) All of the Above

Q58) Which of the following is a female sex hormone:
A) Androgen
B) Estrogen
C) Oxytocin
D) Insulin

Q59) Golden rice is a rich source of:
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin K

Q60) Which one of the following metal is called the Metal of Future:
A) Copper
B) Iron
C) Aluminium
D) Titanium

Q61) Which is the hardest in the following:
A) Diamond
B) Glass
C) Quartz
D) Iron

Q62) What is the normal blood pressure of human:
A) 120/80 mm Hg
B) 90/140 mm Hg
C) 120/160 mm Hg
D) 85/120 mm Hg

Q63) When water is heated from 0° to 10° C. Its volume will be:
A) Increases
B) Decreases
C) Doesnt Change
D) First Decreases than Increases

Q64) The study of bones are under which branch of science:
A) Osteology
B) Orology
C) Serology
D) Geology

Q65) What is the full form of SONAR:
A) Solar Navigation and Ranging
B) Ship Navigation and Ranging
C) Sound Navigation and Ranging
D) Sound Navigation and Reflection

Q66) A liquid consisting of 5 to 30% Acetic Acid is known as:
A) Lime
B) Boric Acid
C) Dettol
D) Vinegar

Q67) NACO is an organisation dealing with:
A) Cancer
B) Child Healthcare
D) None of the Above

Q68) Which of the following gases is used for extinguishing fire:
A) Sulphur Dioxide
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Hydrogen Chloride
D) Cabon Monoxide

Q69) Mycology is the branch of Botany in which we study:
A) Fungi
B) Algae
C) Bacteria
D) Virus

Q70) Which of the following blood group has no antigens:
A) A
B) B
D) O

Q71) Anthophobia is fear of the following:
A) Boss
B) Fire
C) Flowers
D) Dogs

Q72) To the person with the colour blindness red colour will appear:
A) Yellow
B) Green
C) Blue
D) Purple

Q73) In active chemical to remove mosquitos is:
A) Allethrins
B) Atropine
C) 2 Isopropoxiphimyal
D) Benzene Hexachlorophene

Q74) Which of the following scientist discovered polio vaccine:
A) Alexender Flemming
B) Robert Koach
C) Edward Genere
D) Jones Salk

Q75) Where is the Pineal Gland is situated:
A) Liver
B) Brain
C) Kidney
D) Uterus

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Q76) In an earthen pitcher, the water remains copd due to the procss of:
A) Sublimation
B) Condensation
C) Evaporation
D) None of the Above

Q77) An astronaut sees the colour of the sky as:
A) Blue
B) White
C) Red
D) Black

Q78) Brass gets fade colour in air due to the presence of:
A) Oxygen
B) Hydrogen Sulphide
C) Carbon Dioxide
D) Nitrogen

Q79) Which of the following Acid do not contain Oxygen:
A) Nitric Acid
B) Sulphuric Acid
C) Hydrochloric Acid
D) None of the Above

Q80) What is Hydroponics:
A) Plants without Soil Enrichment
B) Grafting Plant
C) Studying of Vegetables
D) Soil Conservation

Q81) Which of the following is used to remove rust stains on clothes:
A) Kerosene
B) Lime
C) Oxalic Acid Solution
D) None of the Above

Q82) Spherical form of Raindrops is due to:
A) Density of Liquid
B) Surface Tension
C) Atmospheric Pressure
D) Gravitational Force

Q83) The principle of Fuse is:
A) Chemical effect of Electricity
B) Mechanical effect of Electricity
C) Heating effect of Electricity
D) Magnetic effect of Electricity

Q84) Cinnabar is an ore/mineral of:
A) Lead
B) Manganese
C) Molybdenum
D) Mercury

Q85) A pungent smell is often present near the urenals is due to:
A) Sulphur Dioxide
B) Chlorine
C) Ammonia
D) Urea

Q86) The energy of wind is:
A) Only Potential
B) Only Kinetic
C) Electrical
D) Potential & Kinetic Both

Q87) Penicillin is obtained from:
A) Yeast
B) Algae
C) Fungus
D) Lichen

Q88) Bauxite is the ore of:
A) Alluminium
B) Iron
C) Copper
D) Gold

Q89) Brass is an alloy of:
A) Copper and Iron
B) Zinc and Iron
C) Copper and Zinc
D) Iron and Nickel

Q90) The safest temperature for keeping food fresh in a refrigerator is:
A) 0°
B) 4°
C) 8°
D) 10°

Q91) The chemical component that is inveribly found in all viruses is:
A) Proteins
B) Lipids

Q92) Why is Carbon Monoxide a pollutant:
A) Makes Nervous System Inactive
B) It Reacts with Oxygen
C) It Reacts with Haemoglobin
D) It Inhibits Glycolysis

Q93) Blood enter the Kedney through the:
A) Renal Artery
B) External Liliac Energy
C) Axillary Artery
D) Ulnar Artery

Q94) Who measured the velocity of light first:
A) Galileo
B) Newton
C) Einstein
D) Romer

Q95) Which of the following forces combine together to keep planets in their respective orbits:
A) Gravitation and Centripetal
B) Nuclear and Centrifugal
C) Gravitation and Centrifugal
D) Potential and Kinetic

Q96) Meghnad Saha is known for his contribution in which of the following fields:
A) Medical Science
B) Physics
C) Environmental Science
D) History

Q97) The chemical composition of cement is:
A) Limestone, Clay and Gypsum
B) Limestone and Clay
C) Limestone and Gypsum
D) Clay and Gypsum

Q98) Meibomian glands are located in:
A) Ear
B) Nose
C) Eye
D) Skin

Q99) The latex of which plant is used commercially:
A) Papaya Plant
B) Sial Kanta Plant
C) Rubber Plant
D) Banyan Plant

Q100) Who invented Dynamo:
A) Michael Faraday
B) Gutenberg
C) Macmillan
D) Pascal

Q101) Which of the following is a good source of Vitamin A:
A) Fish Oil
B) Sugar
C) Banana
D) Coconut Oil

Q102) Limestone is a raw material used by which of the following industry:
A) Aluminium
B) Fertilizer
C) Cement
D) Petrochemicals

Q103) Which of the following is the highest quality of hard coal:
A) Anthracite
B) Bituminous
C) Lignite
D) Peat

Q104) Which of the following is a emergency hormone in human:
A) Thyroxine
B) Insulin
C) Adrenaline
D) Progesterone

Q105) Which of the following term is not associated with sound wave:
A) Hertz
B) Decibel
C) Candela
D) Mach

Q106) Who among the following invented LASER:
A) William Mortan
B) Theodore Maiman
C) Denis Papon
D) Francis Crick

Q107) The colour of liquified oxygen is:
A) Pure White
B) Dark Blue
C) Green
D) Pale Blue

Q108) Phenol is used in the manufacture of which one of the following:
A) P.V.C.
B) Nylon
C) Polystyrene
D) Bakelite

Q109) __ constitute the core of the Earth.
A) Iron and Nickel
B) Nitrogen and Oxygen
C) Silver and Gold
D) Oxygen and Hydrogen

Q110) Name the heaviest matel found in the Earth:
A) Gold
B) Osmium
C) Platinum
D) Sodium

Q111) The gas which smells like rotten egg is:
A) Chlorine
B) Bromine
C) Methane
D) Hydrogen Sulphide

Q112) Which among the following is the best conductor of Electricity:
A) Copper
B) Aluminium
C) Silver
D) Iron

Q113) Which of the following cell disorder is responsible for colour blindness:
B) Cone Cell
C) Rod Cell
D) Neuron

Q114) When Sodium Bicarbonate is heated strongly, which of the following product is formed:
A) Sodium Carbonate
B) Sodium Hydroxide
C) Sodium Peroxide
D) Sodium Monoxide

Q115) Which one of the following organ is not a part of the immune system:
A) Thymus
B) Tonsils
C) Brain
D) Spleen

Q116) Air has maximum proportion of which inert gas:
A) Carbon Dioxide
B) Nitrous Oxide
C) Argon
D) Carbon Monoxide

Q117) Which of the following disease is caused due to the deficiency of protein:
A) Arthritis
B) Kwashiorkor
C) Goitre
D) Night Blindness

Q118) Farad is an unit of:
A) Capacitance
B) Reactance
C) Electric Conductance
D) Electric Charge

Q119) Which one of the following chemical is used in beauty parlour for hair setting:
A) Phosphorous Based
B) Silicon Based
C) Iron Based
D) Sulphur Based

Q120) Which of the following disease is not transmitted from one person to another:
B) Cirrhosis
C) Hepatitis B
D) Syphilis

Q121) Which of the following helps to diagnose a heart problem:

Q122) Chocolate can be bad for health because of its high content of:
A) Nickel
B) Zinc
C) Cobalt
D) Lead

Q123) Which of the following disease is caused by a dog bite:
A) Influenza
B) Scurvy
C) Rabies
D) Cancer

Q124) __ is the richest source of vitamin B:
A) Apple
B) Pulses
C) Biscuits
D) Cereals

Q125) Which of the following determines the sex of a child:
A) Blood Group of Mother
B) Blood Group of Father
C) RH Factor of the parents
D) Chromosomes

Q126) Which is the hardest substance in the human body:
A) Knee Cap
B) Finger Nails
C) Tooth Enamel
D) Skull Bones

Q127) Which of the following is not a multi seeded fruit:
A) Litchi
B) Apple
C) Pomegranate
D) Papaya

Q128) An ophthalmologist is one who treats:
A) Bones
B) Limbs
C) Eyes
D) Skin

Q129) Aviation fuel for get aeroplanes consists of purified:
A) Petrol
B) Kerosene
C) Gasoline
D) Diesel

Q130) The waves used in sonography are:
A) Sound Waves
B) Ultrasonic Waves
C) Micro Waves
D) Infrared Waves

Q131) Which of the following is required for Haemoglobin formation:
A) Calcium
B) Vitamin A
C) Iron
D) Vitamin B12

Q132) The study of origin and evolution of the universe is called:
A) Astrology
B) Cosmology
C) Seismology
D) Limnology

Q133) Which one of the following acid is used in automobile batteries:
A) Acetic Acid
B) Hydrochloric Acid
C) Sulphuric Acid
D) Nitric Acid

Q134) Chalk and Marbles are different form of:
A) Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate
B) Calcium Carbonate
C) Calcium Acetate
D) Sodium Carbonate

Q135) Which one of the following is the largest composition in biogas:
A) Calcium Dioxide
B) Hydrogen
C) Hydrogen Sulphide
D) Methane

Q136) Which of the following is termed as a fuel for the future:
A) Natural Gas
B) Shell Gas
C) Hydrogen
D) Alcohol

Q137) Which gas was released when Bhopal Gas Tragedy was occurred:
A) Methyl Cyanide
B) Methyl Isocyanate
C) Methyl Nitrate
D) Nitrogen Cyanide

Q138) Nephron is related to which of the following system of human body:
A) Circulatory System
B) Excretory System
C) Reproductive System
D) Respiratory System

Q139) Which type of sound is used by Bats to navigate:
A) Ultrasound
B) Infrasonic
C) Audible Sound
D) None of the Above

Q140) Who is the founder of Homeopathy:
A) Samual Hahnemann
B) Hippocrates
C) Charak
D) Sushrutha

Q141) What is viticulture:
A) Protection of Forests
B) Production of Grapes
C) Types of Primative Agriculture
D) Production of Sugarcane

Q142) Most abundant metal in the Earth’s curst is:
A) Carbon
B) Steel
C) Iron
D) Aluminium

Q143) Which of the following metal highly pollute the water:
A) Arsenic
B) Lead
C) Magnesium
D) Potassium

Q144) Which of the following is usually not a air pollutant:
A) Hydrocarbons
B) Sulphur Dioxide
C) Carbon Dioxide
D) Nitrous Oxide

Q145) The slope of a velocity-time graph represents:
A) Acceleration
B) Displacement
C) Distance
D) Speed

Q146) The percentage of Carbon is highest in:
A) Tool Steels
B) Steel
C) Cast Iron
D) Solder

Q147) Which of the following is not a use of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate:
A) Baking Soda
B) Fire Extinguisher
C) Antacids
D) Removing Hardness of Water

Q148) The depletion in Ozone layer is caused by:
A) Nitrous Oxide
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Chlorofluoro Carbon
D) Methane

Q149) Which one of the following ia not a insulator:
A) Graphite
B) Silver
C) Rubber
D) Copper

Q150) Ascorbic Acid is a/an:
A) Enzyme
B) Protein
C) Carbohydrate
D) Vitamin

Q151) Which of the following is not required to produce German Silver:
A) Copper
B) Zinc
C) Nickel
D) Silver

Q152) What is the pH of the human blood:
A) Highly Basic
B) Slightly Acidic
C) Slightly Basic
D) Highly Acidic

Q153) Bolometer is used to measure:
A) Frequency
B) Temperature
C) Velocity
D) Wavelength

Q154) Which one of the following doesn’t causes any pollution:
A) Burning of Rubber
B) Burning of Petrol
C) Use of Solar Energy
D) All of These

Q155) Highly polluting industries comes under the category of:
A) Orange
B) Red
C) Yellow
D) Black

Q156) Ultra purification of metal is done by:
A) Slugging
B) Leaching
C) Zone Melting
D) Smelting

Q157) Which one of the following is found in transistors:
A) Ge
B) Ag
C) Pb
D) Kr

Q158) Which one of the following animal has three chambered heart:
A) Pigeon
B) Lizard
C) Fish
D) Lion

Q159) The mixture of 73% Iron, 18% Chromium, 8% Nickel and 1% Carbon forms:
A) Bronze
B) Gun Metal
C) Steelness Steel
D) Solder

Q160) Which one of the following Phosphorous is the most reactive:
A) Red Phosphorous
B) White Phosphorous
C) Scarlet Phosphorous
D) Violet Phosphorous

Q161) The total number of teeth present in an adult cat:
A) 16
B) 28
C) 30
D) 32

Q162) Which of the following gives a large supply of Vitamin C:
A) Bananas
B) Citrus Fruit
C) Potatoes
D) Meat

Q163) The primary function of Vitamin K is:
A) Calcium Absorption
B) Skin Health
C) Blood Clotting
D) Immune System

Q164) What is Halitosis commonly known as:
A) Blood Pressure
B) Headache
C) Bad Breath
D) Flu

Q165) Silicosis is a disease related to:
A) Kidney
B) Liver
C) Lung
D) Eye

Q166) Who is the founder of Homeopathy:
A) Samual Hahnemann
B) Hippocrates
C) Charak
D) Sushruta

Q167) Which of the following is mostly needed to digest food in the stomach:
A) Water
B) Mineral
C) Enzymes
D) Air

Q168) Both Hemoglobin and Myoglobin requires _________ to formation:
A) Calcium
B) Iron
C) Vitamin B¹²
D) None of the Above

Q169) Mole is a SI unit of:
A) Current
B) Temperature
C) Ammount of Substance
D) Luminous Intensity

Q170) Frogs are cold-blooded animals:
A) True
B) False
C) None of the Above
D) All of These

Q171) Telsa is a standard unit of:
A) Magnetic Flux Density
B) Magnetic Induction
C) Magnetic Field
D) Magnetic Moment

Q172) Which among the following controls blood pressure:
A) Thyroid
B) Parathyroid
C) Adrenal
D) Thymus

Q173) The oxygen in Photosynthesis is released from:
A) CO²
B) Chlorophyll
C) H²O
D) Both A and C

Q174) Which was the first isolated antibiotic:
A) Terramycin
B) Neomycin
C) Penicillin
D) Streptomycin

Q175) Vinegar is the common name of:
A) Acetic Acid
B) Hydrochloric Acid
C) Citric Acid
D) Oxalic Acid

Q176) Digestion of Proteins begins in:
A) Mouth
B) Stomach
C) Liver
D) Small Intestine

Q177) Anosmia is:
A) Loss of Sense of Taste
B) Loss of Sense of Smell
C) Loss of Sense of Touch
D) Loss of Sense of Heat

Q178) The plants which contain flowers and seeds are called:
A) Phenero Games
B) Crypto Games
C) Gymnosperm
D) Angiosperm

Q179) The tree whose leaves are used as Heena:
A) Acacia
B) Indigofera
C) Ficus
D) Lawsonia

Q180) Which of the following doesn’t provide energy:
A) Fat
B) Protein
C) Vitamin
D) Carbohydrate

Q181) Which among the following is not a color in Rainbow:
A) Black
B) Blue
C) Indigo
D) Violet

Q182) The boiling point of Alcohol is:
A) 78° C
B) 86° C
C) 94° C
D) 100° C

Q183) Urine is produced in:
A) Lungs
B) Large Intestine
C) Kidney
D) Liver

Q184) Birds usually have a single:
A) Kidney
B) Lung
C) Testine
D) Ovary

Q185) The branch of biology that deals with the study of cells is known as:
A) Cytology
B) Histology
C) Psychology
D) Physiology

Q186) Which of the following gas is used in yellow lamps of the street lights:
A) Neon
B) Sodium
C) Hydrogen
D) Nitrogen

Q187) The boiling point of water decreases at higher altitudes due to its:
A) Low Temperature
B) High Temperature
C) Low Atmospheric Pressure
D) High Atmospheric Pressure

Q188) Which one of the following organ is responsible for water balance in the human body:
A) Lungs
B) Heart
C) Liver
D) Kidney

Q189) Which of the following element is used for manufacturing of fertilizer:
A) Fluorine
B) Lead
C) Sulphur
D) Potassium

Q190) Which element is common in all acids:
A) Carbon
B) Oxygen
C) Hydrogen
D) Sulfur

Q191) Pulses are a good source of:
A) Carbohydrates
B) Vitamins
C) Fats
D) Proteins

Q192) Which among the following is biodegradable:
A) D.D.T.
B) Paper
C) Plastic
D) Aluminium

Q193) A knot is used for measuring:
A) Speed of Ships
B) Speed of Train
C) Speed of Rocket
D) Speed of Aeroplane

Q194) The organ which is likely damaged due to heavy drinking:
A) Kidney
B) Liver
C) Lungs
D) Stomach

Q195) Which among the following disease is caused due to the lack of Iron:
A) Rickets
B) Malaria
C) Anemia
D) Scurvy

Q196) Genetic Engineering is a branch of:
A) Biology
B) Electronics
C) Mechanical Engineering
D) None of These

Q197) __________ is mixed to melt the ice on the icy roads:
A) Chlorine
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Water
D) Salt

Q198) Which among the following is the hardest substance in the human body:
A) Bone
B) Enamel
C) Dentine
D) Nail

Q199) A person with color blindness cannot distinguish between:
A) Yellow and White
B) Green and Blue
C) Red and Green
D) Black and Yellow

Q200) The gas which is released during photosynthesis:
A) Carbon Dioxide
B) Oxygen
C) Carbon Monoxide
D) Sulphur Dioxide

Q201) Electric Fuse is an alloy of:
A) Zinc and Lead
B) Cooper and Iron
C) Tin and Lead
D) Carbon and Tin

Q202) The primary source of Carbon Monoxide is:
A) Industrial Process
B) Fuel Combustion
C) Transportation
D) Solid Waste Disposal

Q203) The main constituent of biogas is:
A) Methane
B) Oxygen
C) Acetic Acid
D) Methyl Alcohol

Q204) Which among the following is act like fuel in our body:
A) Carbohydrates
B) Vitamin
C) Fats
D) Water

Q205) Which gland in the human body maintain the body temperature:
A) Pituitary
B) Thyroid
C) Hypothalamus
D) Adrenal

Q206) Lactobacillus is commonly found in:
A) Cake
B) Curd
C) Bread
D) All of These

Q207) Chlorofluoro Carbons are widely used in:
A) Micro Ovens
B) Solar Heaters
C) Refrigerators
D) Washing Machines

Q208) Bamboo is classified as:
A) Grass
B) Tree
C) Shrub
D) Herb

Q209) Onion is a modified form of:
A) Root
B) Stem
C) Fruit
D) Leaf

Q210) Chewing Gam is made of:
A) Resin
B) Tannin
C) Latex
D) Gum

Q211) Deficiency of vitamin B⁶ in man causes:
A) Rickets
B) Anaemia
C) Scurvy
D) Beri Beri

Q212) Therm is the unit of:
A) Heat
B) Power
C) Light
D) Distance

Q213) ______ gives hardness to stainless steel:
A) Carbon
B) Lead
C) Zinc
D) Tin

Q214) The National Chemical Laboratory of India is located in:
A) Mumbai
B) Bangaluru
C) Hyderabad
D) Pune

Q215) The edible part of a Banana is called:
A) Endocarp
B) Mesocarp
C) Epicarp
D) None of These

Q216) Sugarcane is a type of:
A) Shrub
B) Tree
C) Creeper
D) Grass

Q217) Highly directional light beam is called:
A) Grazer
B) Eraser
C) Laser
D) Maser

Q218) Which among the following is an example of physical change:
A) Burning of Wood
B) Cooking an Egg
C) Tarnishing of Silver
D) Boiling of Water

Q219) Vitamin A is also known as:
A) Thiamine
B) Riboflavin
C) Calciferol
D) Retinol

Q220) An instrument used to measure Humidity:
A) Anemometer
B) Hygrometer
C) Thermometer
D) Pyrheliometer

Q221) The rarest group of Blood is:
A) B Negative
B) O Negative
C) AB Positive
D) AB Negative

Q222) A species of plant which can grow in dry conditions with little or no water is called:
A) Xerophyte
B) Helophyte
C) Lithophyte
D) Hydrophyte

Q223) Which one of the following technologies are used to locate submerged objects underwater:
A) Laser
B) Radar
C) Sonar
D) Barometer

Q224) The purest form of water is:
A) Tap Water
B) Ground Water
C) Distilled Water
D) Rain Water

Q225) The audio signals of Television are:
A) Amplitude Modulated
B) Unmodulated
C) Velocity Modulated
D) Frequency Modulated

Q226) Air coolers are more suitable for:
A) Hot and Humid Climate
B) Hot and Dry Climate
C) Cool and Humid Climate
D) Cool and Dry Climate

Q227) Hydrochloric acid is also known as:
A) Muriatic Acid
B) Picric Acid
C) Uric Acid
D) Nitric Acid

Q228) Cuctus is referred to as:
A) Hydrophyte
B) Mesophyte
C) Xerophyte
D) Thallophyte

Q229) High level of Uric acid in the blood causes:
A) Arthritis
B) Rheumatism
C) Asthma
D) Gout

Q230) How many canine teeth are there in an adult human:
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

Q231) Blood is cleaned by:
A) Lungs
B) Liver
C) Heart
D) Kidney

Q232) Human body breath _______ litres of air each day:
A) 15000 to 20000
B) 20000 to 25000
C) 25000 to 30000
D) 30000 to 35000

Q233) The Sun’s mass mainly consists of Hydrogen and ________:
A) Nitrogen
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Argon
D) Helium

Q234) Tiny bubbles are perfectly spherical because of:
A) Surface Tension
B) Gravity
C) Pressure
D) Viscosity

Q235) A man can’t see clearly beyond 10 meters. The disease he suffers from:
A) Myopia
B) Far Sight
C) Cataract
D) Hyper Metropia

Q236) Which of the following develop the immune system in the human body:
A) Antigen
B) Antibody
C) Enzymes
D) Hormones

Q237) A Dioptre is a unit of power of:
A) Force
B) Current
C) EyeSight
D) Lens

Q238) Rn is a chemical symbol of which of the following element:
A) Radon
B) Radium
C) Rhenium
D) Ruthenium

Q239) Blue vitriol is another name of which of the following:
A) Sodium Chloride
B) Cupric Oxide
C) Magnesium Oxide
D) Copper Sulphate

Q240) Milk contains water percentage of:
A) 67%
B) 77%
C) 87%
D) 97%

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