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Assamese Books PDF
Assamese Books & Novel PDF

This article is a small initiative to increase social awareness about the online reading of the Assamese Books PDF. Here we added 50+ most popular and record-holding Assamese Novel PDF written by various legendary authors of Assam.

But before we begin, let us clarify that neither we sold nor produced any of the following Assamese Books PDF. These Assamese Novel PDF are already available for download on various public domains. We do not want to offend any writers or publishers. Our first and foremost objective is to build an electronic movement to read Assamese Story Books PDF online among the new generation Assam. If you think you are the actual owner of these books, you can proudly contact us for content removal.

The Sad Reality of Assamese Books PDF:

“There are no better friends than books” I have read somewhere in my childhood. In this era of digitalization, we have enough time to scroll social media but not a minute for a book. The Virtual world has taken away everything from us, even the habit of reading a book. Unfortunately, the popularity of books has declined dramatically, especially among the younger generation of Assam. So, in this article, we are trying to promote the most popular Assamese Books PDF, which you must read once in your lifetime. Remember, “The Assamese nation will live only if the Assamese literature is living.”

Top 10 Assamese Books PDF You Must Read Once In A Lifetime:

The easier it is to read a book, the more difficult it is to choose. There are thousands of Assamese PDF Books are available to read & download. but how can you choose the right one. Books that inspire us to live, that teach us to laugh even in our bad times, are undoubtedly good books. We have compiled a list of the top 10 viral Assamese Books PDF that you must read once in your lifetime.

1) Asimat Jar Heral Seema:

Asimat Jar Heral Seema is a viral Assamese novel written by late Bhuban Mohan Barua under the surname of Kanchan Barua. There will be very few people in Assam who have not heard of this novel. This book has created a unique sensation in the Assamese literature since its first publication in 1945. The story of this book starts in search of a dream, which will truly overwhelm you. You’ll find all important links to download free Assamese Novel PDF.

2) Deo Langkhui:

Deu Langkhui is a Sahitya Akademi Award-winning Assamese novel written by Dr Rita Chowdhury. Through this novel, Dr Chowdhury beautifully illuminated the socio-cultural activities of the Tiwa Community. After being first published in 2005, the book received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2006 and the Kalaguru Vishnuprasad Rabha Award in 2008.

3) Makam:

Makam is another historical fiction by prominent Assamese novelist Dr Rita Chowdhury. This novel depicts wonderfully the tragic tale of the Chinese soldiers captured during the 1962 Sino-Indian war. The story of this Assamese Book will bring tears into your eyes.

4) Kokadeutar Har:

Kokadeutar‌ Har is an excellent choice for you if you’re interested in reading Assamese Novel Online. Kakadeutar‌ Had is a socio-economic novel written by Naba Kanta Barua, an eminent Assamese writer, children’s author and Sahitya Academy Award winner. In this novel, the author recites the story of an old conflict between two families trying to form a marital relationship through the words of an old woman. In 1975 he received the Sahitya Akademi Award for this great novel.

5) Mamore Dhora Tarowal:

Mamore Dhora Tarowal is an evergreen Assamese novel written by glorious Assamese writer Dr. Mamoni Raisham Goswami. She wrote the novel based on her real-life experience at the construction site of the Sai river dam in the Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh. The novel clearly painted a vivid picture of the conflict between the workers and the union leaders.

6) Miri Jiyori:

Miri Jiyori is a pathetic Assamese novel written by Novel King Rajinikanth Bordolai and first published in 1894. The book is written in the background of Mishing society which beautifully portrays the tragic love story of a young couple. The story beautifully tells how Jonkey and Panoi have to sacrifice their life due to some fake traditions and rules. You can download Miri Jiyori Assamese Novel PDF from the link attached below.

7) Ashanta Electron:

Ashanta Electron is a popular collection of Assamese short stories written by Surendra Nath Medhi under the pen name of Sourav Kumar Chaliha.The book was first published in 1972, containing a total number of six stories. The book has provided a new dimension to Assamese literature with its novelty of the plot and unconventional thinking style.

8) Antarip:

Antarip is a another famous Assamese novel written by the very talented Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. The novel is based on the story of a domestic quarrel between a married couple. The uniqueness of the story and writing style of this book will really touch your soul.

9) Nahoror Niribili Cha:

Nahoror Niribili Cha is another famous Assamese novel written by renowned Assamese writer, journalist Anuradha Sharma Pujari. This book has created a unique sensation among the new generation of Assam.

10) Life of A Driver:

Life of A Driver is the latest Assamese book written by Rupam Dutta, a professional bus driver. Recently, the book has received a massive response from the readers at the Guwahati Book Fair. The book beautifully describes the various experiences of a driver’s life in the form of sequence. You will find download link below for Life of a Driver Assamese Book PDF.

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Assamese Books PDF | Benefits of Reading Assamese Books:

It is said that, books are only true and best friend of us. The diverse world of books will always bring us happiness and endless joy. As a responsible and conscious Assamese reader, we must try to develop the good habit of studying Assamese Books regularly. The pleasure or benefits of studying book is cant be express in written, however:

  • The history and culture of a particular society can be studied through books.
  • A good book is a saviour in every situation. A good book inspires us to laugh and live a happy life.
  • The book helps us to increase our knowledge and thinking ability. The books keeps us away from daily stress and fatigue.
  • The book helps us to increase our mental strength that we can plan for a better future.

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Best Way to Download Free Assamese Novel PDF:

This article provides a simple and easy way to download a free Assamese Novel PDF. You can easily read and download your favorite All Assamese Novel PDF from the below buttons:

If you find this article helpfull, feel free to share your feedback. Your feedback will always appreciate us. For more awesome Assamese Books PDF, you can request us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I read Assamese Books in PDF format online ?

Yes, you can read various famus Assamese Novel Books online by simply visiting our above post.

2) How can I download Assam Books PDF ?

We have updated our post with Assamese Books PDF download link, you can visit our site for Assamese Books PDF download link.

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  8. I like to read Assamese novel, but due to my low economic condition I am not able to afford maximum books. I think for many people, it is same condition as me. I read approx 25 Assamese novel which is available in college Library and online in pdf format. But in internet many books is not available yet. This is the era of digital media. So author and publisher have to move to internet. They have to charge some amount for reading books in internet. So that everyone can afford money. Then everyone will not face resist to reading books and accuiring such great knowledge, emotion of great writer. Please move to internet.

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    কিতাপ খনৰ pdf টো দিব চোন

    1. Deo lungkhui authored by RITA CHOUDHARY book khon or pdf karu ba usorot ase jodi please mail kori dibo soon
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