400+ Important Odisha GK PDF for Odisha Competitive Exam

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Odisha GK PDF

Are you preparing for any competitive exam in Odisha? Well, It is crucial to master Odisha General Knowledge before appearing in any competitive exams in Odisha. Most of the civil service exams in Odisha, including OPSC, OCS, etc., require expert knowledge and a good understanding of General Awareness. In order to save your time & effort, we have compiled a series of Odisha GK PDF with over 400+ relevant questions & answers on Odisha GK with PDF.

Various articles are available on Odisha GK across the web, but none are available in pdf format. Don’t worry; for the first time on the internet, we are providing 400+ important Odisha GK PDF absolutely free of cost. You can simply read & download Odisha General Knowledge PDF from the link attached below.

A Short Introduction About Odisha GK PDF:


Enhance Your General Knowledge With Odisha GK PDF in Just 60 Minutes:

Finally, Odisha GK PDF has come up with a series of 400+ crucial multiple-choice questions on Odisha General Knowledge. In this article, we have discussed in depth all the essential topics and points regarding Odisha General Knowledge. From the exam point of view, Odisha GK MCQ PDF can be divided into six chapters:

  • Odisha Art and Culture GK
  • Odisha History GK
  • Odisha Geography GK
  • Odisha Literature GK
  • Odisha Sports GK
  • First in Odisha GK

Odisha GK PDF has covered all the topics mentioned above with more than 400+ important questions on Odisha GK. At the end of this article, we have provided all the relevant links to read and download Odisha GK PDF.

Odisha GK PDF | The Best Exam Guide for Odisha Competitive Exams:

Odisha is the 8th largest state in the southeastern part of India, with an area of about 155,707 sq km. Odisha is considered the home of various indigenous peoples and cultures as it has the third-largest population of Scheduled Tribes. The state is well known for its ancient temples and tribal cultures, which still witness various historical events. Here we have uploaded a series of Odisha GK PDF with 400+ essential questions & answers on Odisha General Knowledge.

Stay Confident with 400+ Common Odisha General Knowledge Questions:

Education is our fundamental right. However, there are still so many students in our society who can’t afford a book. Therefore, to help all those needy students, we have produced a set of special questions on Odisha general knowledge. In this pdf ebook, we have addressed all the possible topics related to Odisha State GK. We hope that Odisha GK PDF 2021 will help you stay confident and relaxed in the upcoming days.

Q1) When did Bhubaneswar become the capital city of Odisha:
A) 1936
B) 1940
C) 1945
D) 1948

Q2) Which of the following is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Odisha:
A) Sun Temple Konark
B) Chilka Lake
C) Hirakud Dam
D) Jagannath Puri Temple

Q3) What is Deomali about Odisha:
A) A Famous Folk Dance
B) Highest Mountain Peak
C) A Famous Folk Music
D) Tribal Group in Eastern Odisha

Q4) Ma Mangala temple of kakatpur in puri district was built by:
A) Baraha Keshari
B) Nrup Keshari
C) Markata Keshari
D) Ananga Bhima Deva

Q5) Who among the following was the first Odia to become Supreme Court Judge:
A) Arjit Passayat
B) Ranganath Mishra
C) Indrajit Ray
D) Gatikrushna Mishra

Q6) Which of the following is considered to be the first port in Odisha:
A) Damara
B) Kirtania
C) Chandabali
D) Paradip

Q7) Who among the following is responsible for the effective implementation of Sarba Siksha Abhiyan in Odisha:

Q8) Who among the following is popularly known as the Grand Old Man of Odisha:
A) Gopabandhu Das
B) Fakir Mohan Das
C) Madhusudan Das
D) Gauisankar Ray

Q9) Odisha state maritime museum is located at:
A) Paradip
B) Gopalpur
C) Cuttack
D) Balesore

Q10) First Odia to win Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award:
A) Gopinath Mohanty
B) Sadashiva Mishra
C) Surendra Mohanty
D) Kanhu Charan Mohanty

Q11) In which year kalpahad invaded Odisha:
A) 1645
B) 1647
C) 1567
D) 1576

Q12) Who is the first Odia international cricket player:
A) Debasish Mohanty
B) Shiv Sundar Das
C) Rajib Biswal
D) Sanjay Raul

Q13) Bande Utkala Janani the state song of Odisha is composed by:
A) Laxmikanta Mohapatra
B) Madhusudan Rao
C) Mayadhar Mansingh
D) Radhanath Ray

Q14) Who among the following had the first martyr of Odisha who sacrificed his life fighting against the British in 1804:
A) Pabitra Mohan Pradhan
B) Jay Krushna Rajguru
C) Baji Raut
D) Surendra Sai

Q15) Which of the following tribes constitute the largest group among the tribe population in Odisha:
A) Paraja
B) Gonds
C) Kondhs
D) Saora

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Q16) Sadharana Pathe is an autobiography written by:
A) Fakir Mohan Senapati
B) Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab
C) Kunja Bihari Das
D) Rabi Singh

Q17) Who was the leader of the popular Khurda rebellion:
A) Buxi Jagabandhu
B) Jayee Rajguru
C) Madho Singh
D) Laxman Nayak

Q18) Which book is still followed for the preparation of panjika in Odisha:
A) Madala Panji
B) Sidhanta Darpana
C) Gupta Chintamani
D) None of These

Q19) Who is known as Mother Teresa of Odisha:
A) Ramadevi
B) Malati Choudhary
C) Kuntala Kumara Acharya
D) Sarala Devi

Q20) Which one of the following is the first Odia novel:
A) Matira Katha
B) Padmamali
C) Babaji
D) None of these

Q21) Who is popularly known as Utkal Keshari in Odisha:
A) Harekrushna Mahatab
B) Gaurishankar Ray
C) Padma Charana Patnaik
D) Biju Patnaik

Q22) Sukinda Valley in Odisha is famous for:
A) Iron
B) Nickel
C) Chromite
D) Copper

Q23) Who is the writer of Govinda Chandra Tika:
A) Jagannath Das
B) Achyutananda Das
C) Balram Das
D) Yosawanta Das

Q24) The Tribal language that has the most significant number of the speaker is:
A) Kui
B) Mundari
C) Kondh
D) Santhali

Q25) Who has written the prayer Ahe Dayama Biswabihari:
A) Abinash Mohapatra
B) Ramakrushna Nanda
C) Ramchandra Mishra
D) Satyajit Barala

Q26) The original name of saint Chaitanya was:
A) Biswarup
B) Gangadhar
C) Bishwambar
D) Rupeswar

Q27) What percentage of Odisha state land is covered by forest:
A) 33.3%
B) 27.4%
C) 31.38%
D) 32.4%

Q28) The Gajapatis were a medieval Hindu dynasty that ruled over Kalinga from:
A) 1334 to 1441
B) 1434 to 1467
C) 1534 to 1541
D) 1434 to 1541

Q29) The kingdom of Odisha reached the zenith of its glory under which dynasty:
A) Ganga Dynasty
B) Bhoi Dynasty
C) Mukunda Deva
D) Mughal

Q30) The great poet Jayadeva flourished during which dynasty in Odisha:
A) Gajapati
B) Ganga
C) Bhoi
D) Karani

Q31) Which Ganga ruler built the world-famous Konark temple:
A) Narasimha Deva I
B) Bhanu Deva IV
C) Chodaganga Deva
D) Rajaraja Deva

Q32) Who built the well decorated and well-sculptured temple of Konark:
A) Angavimadeva I
B) Narasimhadeva I
C) Narasimhadeva II
D) Narasimhadeva III

Q33) Sri Chaitanya, the famous Vaishnava saint of Bengal, had come to Odisha during the reign of:
A) Prataparudra Deva
B) Kapilendra Deva
C) Chodaganga Deva
D) Raja Rajadeva I

Q34) Quli Qutb Shah invaded Odisha during the reign of which ruler:
A) Prataparudra Deva
B) Raghuji Bhonsle I
C) Narasimha Deva
D) Govind Vidyadhara

Q35) What were the provinces known in Odisha during the period of the Ganga Dynasty:
A) Dauvarika
B) Panchali
C) Bhoga
D) Visayas

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Q36) Lingaraja temple at Bhubaneswar was built in ________ architecture:
A) Nagara Style
B) Vesara Style
C) Dravidian Style
D) Kalinga Style

Q37) Which of the following villages has become the first to be 100% solar-powered village in Odisha:
A) Balia
B) Badapur
C) Kanjei
D) Baripatha

Q38) Kalinga’s king Kharvela was associated with which of the following dynasty:
A) Nanda
B) Maurya
C) Chedi
D) Satavahana

Q39) Which is Odisha’s state tree:
A) Chinar Tree
B) Indian Fig Tree
C) Sal
D) Coconut Tree

Q40) What is the name of the first film of Odisha:
A) Sita Bibaha
B) Alamara
C) Nua Bou
D) Lalita

Q41) Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium at situated in which of the following places of Odisha:
A) Rourkela
B) Balasore
C) Bhubaneswar
D) Cuttack

Q42) The title Kabichandra belongs to which of the following poets:
A) Kalicharan Patnaik
B) Ananda Sankar Ray
C) Godabarish Mohapatra
D) Jayanta Mohapatra

Q43) Panchayat Raj system was introduced in Odisha in the year:
A) 1949
B) 1951
C) 1955
D) 1961

Q44) Which of the following caves of Odisha is a limestone cave:
A) Ratnagiri Cave
B) Borra Cave
C) Gupteswar Cave
D) None of these

Q45) Who is the writer of the famous play Bhata:
A) Sarala Das
B) Jagmohan Leela
C) Sudarshan Patnaik
D) Kalicharan Patnaik

Q46) The climate of Odisha is the type of:
A) Tropical
B) Sub Tropical
C) Coastal
D) None of These

Q47) Who was the first woman to be elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly:
A) Sarala Devi
B) Rama Devi
C) Sarojini Devi
D) Malati Devi

Q48) Who was the first martyr of Odisha:
A) Surendra Sai
B) Jayakrushna Rajguru Mohapatra
C) Chakhi Khuntia
D) Dora Bissoi

Q49) Which of the following ancient port was situated near Balasore:
A) Kannagara
B) Kosamba
C) Katikardama
D) Nanigaina

Q50) Odisha has launched which mobile app for streaming supply chain management of “Take Home Ration”
A) Mo Chhatua
B) E Kalika
C) Mo Sishu
D) E Manadeya

Q51) The 15th edition of Toshali National Craft Mela was inaugurated in which city of Odisha:
A) Jaleswar
B) Paradeep
C) Bhubaneswar
D) Konark

Q52) The Zoological Survey of India has started a drive to tag which species of turtle in Odisha:
A) Leatherback
B) Green Turtle
C) Hawksbill
D) Olive Ridley

Q53) Odisha has launched which initiative to revive and transform the largest water body in the capital city:
A) Clean Nirmaljhar
B) Clean Kathajodi
C) Clean Bindu Sagar
D) Clean Daya River

Q54) India’s first fire park has been established in which of the following cities of Odisha:
A) Puri
B) Bhubaneswar
C) Rourkela
D) Talcher

Q55) Odisha government has decided to give cash award of how much amount to a normal person for marrying a Person With Disability:
A) 5.0 Lakhs
B) 3.5 Lakhs
C) 2.5 Lakhs
D) 2.0 Lakhs

Q56) Which party secured a good majority in the Odisha Legislative Assembly after the election in 1937:
A) Congress Party
B) United Party
C) Odisha Nationalist Party
D) Independents

Q57) In which year the historic Praja Mandal Andolan was held in Odisha province:
A) 1923
B) 1937
C) 1817
D) 1857

Q58) Gopabandhu Das died a premature death in 1928 at the age of:
A) 50
B) 51
C) 56
D) 61

Q59) When was the Odisha language restored in Sambalpur after a long term demand:
A) 1903
B) 1905
C) 1907
D) 1909

Q60) Sambalpur was annexed by the British Government by the policy of:
A) Subsidiary Alliance
B) Permanent Settlement
C) Divide and Rule
D) Doctrine of Lapse

Q61) Odisha becomes a part of the British Empire during the reign of:
A) Warren Hastings
B) Lord Cornwallis
C) Lord William Bentinck
D) Lord Wellesley

Q62) What was the full name of Jayee Rajguru:
A) Jayadeva Rajguru
B) Jaya Krishna Rajguru
C) Jaya Ananda Rajguru
D) Jaya Madhav Rajguru

Q63) The East India Company completed the work of the Jagannath road from Puri to _____
A) Cuttack
B) Kolkata
C) Chennai
D) Nagpur

Q64) Who was the first Muslim ruler of Odisha:
A) Allaeed-Din-Baktiyr
B) Mahammad Sayyid
C) Subiman Karani
D) Qutub-Uddin-Aibak

Q65) With the death of Mukunda Dev in 1568 A.D., Odisha was annexed by:
A) The Mughal Emperor
B) The Bahami Sultan
C) The Sultan of Bengal
D) The Sultan of Boudh

Q66) The Gangeswar Siva temple was built by Chodaganga Deva at:
A) Puri
B) Bhubaneswar
C) Mukhalingam
D) Jaipur

Q67) Chodaganga Deva was a devotee of Lord Siva and also a worshiper of:
A) Siva Bhubaneswar
B) Siva Gupteswar
C) Siva Gokarneswar
D) Siva Dhabeleswar

Q68) The great devotional poet, Jayadeva was most probably a contemporary of the Ganga King:
A) Kamamava
B) Raghava
C) Rajraja II
D) Anangabhim II

Q69) Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva ruled over Odisha for a long period of:
A) 60 Years
B) 70 Years
C) 80 Years
D) 90 Years

Q70) After the death of Ashoka in 232 B.C., which dynasty established its independent rule in Kalinga:
A) Chedi
B) Chera
C) Chola
D) Chalukya

Q71) Ashoka, the great emperor became a follower of ___
A) Jainism
B) Hinduism
C) Sikhism
D) Buddhism

Q72) Which of the following kingdom ruled Odisha after the Nanda dynasty:
A) Haryanka Dynasty
B) Shishunaga Dynasty
C) Chedi Dynasty
D) Maurya Dynasty

Q73) Which river is known as the lifeline of the Ganjam district:
A) Mahanadi
B) Baitarani
C) Rushikulya
D) Subarnarekha

Q74) Rushikulya river originated from:
A) Daringabadi Hill
B) Amarkantak Hill
C) Johna Hill
D) Rajmahal Hill

Q75) Which reign of Odisha receives high monsoonic rainfall:
A) Phiringa Plateau
B) Phulbani Plateau
C) Both A & B
D) All of the Above

Q76) Who built the Cuttack city:
A) Baraha Keshari
B) Nrup Keshari
C) Markata Keshari
D) Anangabhima Deva

Q77) Which of the following is called the “Gem of Odisha Culture”
A) Mukteshwar Temple
B) Jagannatha Temple
C) Lingaraja Temple
D) Sun Temple

Q78) The Oriya poet Sarala Das was contemporary of:
A) Govinda Vidyadhara
B) Prataparudra Deva
C) Kapilendra Deva
D) None of the Above

Q79) In which year Odisha Vigyan Academy was established:
A) 1979
B) 1980
C) 1981
D) 1982

Q80) Mahalwari system in Odisha was introduced in which of the following district:
A) Jaipur
B) Balasore
C) Keonjhar
D) Sambalpur

Q81) Which of the following is the first women to receive Arjuna Award from Odisha:
A) Arundhati Biswal
B) Minati Mohapatra
C) Rajasmita Sahoo
D) Nandini Sodangi

Q82) Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in Odisha:
A) Mahendragiri
B) Deomali
C) Malayagiri
D) Gandhamardan

Q83) When did the capital of Odisha Cuttack shift to Bhubaneswar:
A) 1949
B) 2000
C) 2010
D) 1999

Q84) Who is the author of the book “Purnachandra Oriya Bhasakosha”
A) Kalindi Charan Patnaik
B) Gopal Chandra Praharaj
C) Gopabandhu Das
D) Bhagavali Charan Panigrahi

Q85) Which district of Odisha has the most irrigation facility:
A) Jharsuguda
B) Cuttack
C) Ganjam
D) Bhadrak

Q86) Duduma waterfall is formed by which year:
A) Machkund
B) Surma
C) Rushikulya
D) Prachi

Q87) National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO) of Odisha was established in the year:
A) 1955
B) 1966
C) 1981
D) 1995

Q88) What is the rank of Odisha in Coal production:
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 4th
D) 7th

Q89) Talcher coalfield of Odisha is situated in the valley of which river:
A) Rushikulya
B) Brahmani
C) Baitarani
D) None of the Above

Q90) Which among the following is the largest Tribal group of Odisha:
A) Kondhs
B) Sauras
C) Bhumias
D) Bondas

Q91) Who laid the foundation stone of Hirakud Hydroelectric Power Plant:
A) Dr. Rajendra Prashad
B) Naveen Patnaik
C) Biju Patnaik
D) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Q92) Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation was established in the year:
A) 1950
B) 1955
C) 1962
D) 1966

Q93) Who suggested the separation of the Hindi and the Oriya areas from Bengal:
A) Lord Armharst
B) Lord Irwin
C) Lord Hardinge
D) Lord Curzon

Q94) How many zones of Southwestern railway lies in Odisha:
A) 2
B) 3
C) 5
D) 7

Q95) How many districts of Odisha comes under the Tribal population:
A) 7
B) 9
C) 10
D) 12

Q96) Which among the following was/were the administrative provinces of Odisha:
A) Cuttack
B) Ganjam
C) Koraput
D) All of the Above

Q97) Who is known as the father of Oriya Porse:
A) Madhusudan Das
B) Biswanath Kar
C) Fakir Mohan Senapati
D) Radhanath Ray

Q98) Where is Chandaka wildlife sanctuary is located:
A) Bhubaneswar
B) Cuttack
C) Angul
D) Sambalpur

Q99) What is the pre-historic name of Odisha:
A) Utkal
B) Kalinga
C) Kosala
D) Udra

Q100) In which year the first Odia film was released:
A) 1932
B) 1935
C) 1936
D) 1963

Q101) The population of Odisha in 1936 was about:
A) 50 Lakh
B) 82 Lakh
C) 97 Lakh
D) 1.2 Crore

Q102) Which of the following event in Odisha is similar to the Jallianwala Bagh incident in Punjab:
A) The Mathli Killing
B) The Massacre of Eram
C) Naanka Famine
D) None of the Above

Q103) When did Mahanta Gandhi come to India for promoting the Non-Cooperative Movement:
A) 1919
B) 1920
C) 1921
D) 1922

Q104) Which were the two important centres of the Brahmo Movement in Odisha:
A) Puri and Cuttack
B) Puri and Balasore
C) Khurda and Puri
D) Cuttack and Balasore

Q105) Balasore was captured by which of the following British General:
A) Captain Morgan
B) Lord Wellesley
C) Lord Cornwallis
D) Warren Hastings

Q106) Who were the first European to make their settlements in Odisha:
A) Portuguese
B) Britishers
C) Dutch
D) French

Q107) Under which governor-general, the British rule was first established in Odisha:
A) Lord Dufferin
B) Lord Wellesley
C) Lord Linlithgow
D) Robert Clive

Q108) Greek historian Pilny mentions Odisha by which name:
A) Kalinga
B) Kosala
C) Toshali
D) Udra

Q109) Odisha is the ___ Indian classical language:
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 5th
D) 6th

Q110) Who translated the Mahabharata from Sanskrit to Odia:
A) Markanda Das
B) Sarala Das
C) Jagannath Das
D) Balram Das

Q111) Dhokra craft is famous in:
A) Cuttack
B) Puri
C) Khurda
D) All of the Above

Q112) Bomkai, Kataki, Sambalpuri are the important forms of:
A) Wood Craft
B) Sarees
C) Bamboo Craft
D) Applique Work

Q113) Which temple in Odisha was called as “White Pagoda” by the Europeans:
A) Rajarani Temple
B) Lingaraja Temple
C) Huma Temple
D) Jagannath Temple

Q114) Paradeep, the only major port in Odisha, is located in the district of:
A) Puri
B) Jagatsinghpur
C) Baleswar
D) Bhadrak

Q115) Indravati Water Project is located in which of the following districts of Odisha:
A) Nabarangapur
B) Kuraput
C) Malkangiri
D) Ganjam

Q116) Gotipua dance is famous in which of following places of Odisha:
A) Jayapur
B) Raghurajpur
C) Nuagarh
D) Ankula

Q117) Taptapani Hill Station is situated in which of the following district of Odisha:
A) Ganjam
B) Koraput
C) Malkangiri
D) Rayagada

Q118) The headquarter of Odisha Human Rights Commission was situated in which city:
A) Bhubaneswar
B) Cuttack
C) Balasore
D) Puri

Q119) Which city of Odisha is known as Silver City:
A) Balasore
B) Cuttack
C) Rourkela
D) Bhubaneswar

Q120) Who among the following founded the “Satya Mahima Dharma” in Odisha:
A) Govinda Baba
B) Bhima Bhoi
C) Mahima Gosain
D) None of the Above

Q121) An important caste devloped during the Ganga dynasty was:
A) Karanas
B) Jataks
C) Jats
D) Shudras

Q122) When did the Salt Satyagraha under the leadership of Gopabandhu Choudhary reach Inchudi:
A) 6th April
B) 8th April
C) 12th April
D) 16th April

Q123) Who among the following was the first Kalinga Literary Awardee:
A) Pramod Bhagat
B) Debi Prasanna Patnaik
C) Abdul Rahman Khan
D) Badri Mishra

Q124) Who wrote the book “Ho Bhagate”
A) Ashok Pati
B) Bijoy Mahanty
C) Subodh Patnaik
D) Arindam Roy

Q125) Which of the festival is associated with the demise and rebirth of Lord Jagannath of Puri:
A) Nabakalebara
B) Kumar Purnima
C) Gahma Diani
D) Diwali

Q126) The length covered by the river Mahanadi in Odisha:
A) 679 km
B) 494 km
C) 488 km
D) 754 km

Q127) The Mahanadi is the __ largest river in India:
A) 4th
B) 5th
C) 6th
D) 9th

Q128) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel came to Odisha for its merger in:
A) 1946
B) 1947
C) 1948
D) 1949

Q129) Who among the following led the Salt Satyagraha in Balasore district:
A) Surendra Nath Das
B) Narayan Birabar Samanta
C) Birakishore Das
D) Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

Q130) Satyabadi school in Puri during the Swadeshi Movement was established by:
A) Nanda Kishore Das
B) Gopabandhu Das
C) Harekrushna Mahatab
D) Dibakar Patnaik

Q131) Which of the following district is also known as Home of Elephants and Tigers due to the presence of dense forests:
A) Dhenkanal
B) Balangir
C) Malkangiri
D) Ganjam

Q132) Who established the first printing press of Odisha at Cuttack in 1837:
A) Raja of Khallikote
B) Rammohan Roy
C) Christian Missionaries
D) Jayee Rajguru

Q133) The length of the river Brahmani covers in Odisha is:
A) 541
B) 599
C) 641
D) 670

Q134) Which among the following mountains are of volcanic origin in Odisha:
A) Simlipal Mountain
B) Meghasani Mountain
C) Gandhamardan
D) Both A & B

Q135) Ashoka has mentioned the loss of lives, injuries, and suffering caused by the Kalinga War in the rock edict:
A) Rock Edict XIV
B) Rock Edict XV
C) Rock Edict XII
D) Rock Edict XIII

Q136) The secondary headquarter of Kalinga during the reign of Ashoka was:
A) Tosali
B) Samapa
C) Sisupalgarh
D) Dantapur

Q137) India’s largest hockey stadium in Odisha is going to co-host the 2023 Hockey Word Cup:
A) Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium
B) Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium
C) Kalinga Stadium
D) Barabati Stadium

Q138) Who among the following is not an Odissi dancer:
A) Sanjukta Panigrahi
B) Sonal Mansingh
C) Kumkum Mohanty
D) Abhiram Nanda

Q139) Who was the first Invader of Kalinga:
A) Ashoka
B) Bimbisara
C) Mahapadma Nanda
D) Dhana Nanda

Q140) King Kharvela belonged to which royal dynasty:
A) Nanda
B) Maurya
C) Chedi
D) Sata

Q141) Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana was started in the year:
A) 2010
B) 2011
C) 2013
D) 2018

Q142) Which among the following is the oldest university of Odisha:
A) Sambalpur University
B) Berhampur University
C) Utkal University
D) Central University of Odisha

Q143) Which of the following is an international type of fishing harbor:
A) Paradip Fishing Harbour
B) Dhamra Fishing Harbour
C) Gopalpur Fishing Harbour
D) Chandipur Fishing Harbor

Q144) Utkal Gaurab Madhusudan Setu is situated in which river of Odisha:
A) Mahanadi
B) Baitarani
C) Brahmani
D) Rushikulya

Q145) The Samaja newspaper was started in which year:
A) 1905
B) 1907
C) 1919
D) 1935

Q146) In which district of Odisha Mustard production is highest:
A) Cuttack
B) Balasore
C) Bhadrak
D) Deogarh

Q147) Who founded the Utkal Brahmo Samaj in Odisha:
A) Haranath Bhattacharya
B) Keshab Ch. Sen
C) Raja Rammohan Roy
D) Devendranath Tagore

Q148) How many municipal corporations are there in Odisha:
A) 5
B) 7
C) 9
D) 11

Q149) The first train ran in Odisha in which year:
A) 1853
B) 1854
C) 1896
D) 1899

Q150) The Tropic of Cancer lies to the ____ of Odisha:
A) East
B) North
C) South
D) West

Q151) The Coconut Development Board of Odisha is situated in which city:
A) Cuttack
B) Bhubaneswar
C) Puri
D) None of the Above

Q152) Aluminium Park of Odisha is situated in which district:
A) Sambalpur
B) Angul
C) Bhadrak
D) Keonjahr

Q153) Patrapur bridge is situated over which river:
A) Alakananda
B) Brahmani
C) Rushikulya
D) Baitarani

Q154) How many judges are there in Odisha High Court:
A) 24
B) 27
C) 15
D) 25

Q155) Kanchi, Karkari, Dulang and Kharkai are the tributaries of which river:
A) Subarnarekha
B) Mahanadi
C) Rushikulya
D) Baitarani

Q156) In which year Heiung Tsang visited Odisha:
A) 605 AD
B) 611 AD
C) 624 AD
D) 630 AD

Q157) The designation of Senadhyaksha of the Ganga dynasty was in charge of:
A) Commander in Chief
B) Police
C) Supreme Commander
D) None of the Above

Q158) Which district of Odisha is the largest producer of Dolomite:
A) Balasore
B) Koraput
C) Sundergarh
D) Balangir

Q159) The hottest month in Odisha is:
A) March
B) May
C) April
D) June

Q160) Which reign of Odisha experienced a law rainfall throughout the year:
A) Palalahada
B) Kalahandi
C) Mayurbhanj
D) Kendrapara

Q161) Which lake of Odisha looks like the shape of a horseshoe:
A) Chilika
B) Kolab
C) Ansupa
D) Tampara

Q162) When did the super cyclone storm was held in Odisha:
A) 1998
B) 1999
C) 2000
D) 2001

Q163) Which among the following poet is known as Kabi Samrata:
A) Radhanath Ray
B) Baladev Ratha
C) Upendra Bhanja
D) Gopabandhu Das

Q164) The animal skin is used to make which of the following instruments of Odisha:
A) Mahuri
B) Mohana Veena
C) Tamak
D) None of the Above

Q165) Mahanadi river originates from:
A) Amarkantak Hill
B) Chota Nagpur Plateau
C) Maikal Hill
D) None of the Above

Q166) On which day Odiya Journalism Day is celebrated every year:
A) 4th March
B) 4th April
C) 4th July
D) 4th August

Q167) Odisha hosted the 14th edition of the Hockey World Cup in which year:
A) 2010
B) 2011
C) 2016
D) 2018

Q168) As per the census of 2011, what is the population growth rate of Odisha:
A) 14.05%
B) 17.13%
C) 19.22%
D) None of the Above

Q169) Kalinga Literary Festival was founded by which of the following personality:
A) Rashmi Ranjan Parida
B) Sudhir Patnaik
C) Jagati Karan
D) Radhanath Ray

Q170) Which of the following district of Odisha is under the jurisdiction of the Northern Revenue Division:
A) Kalahandi
B) Boudh
C) Sonepur
D) Gajapati

Q171) The total length of the Odisha Coast is:
A) 450 KM
B) 550 KM
C) 650 KM
D) None of the Above

Q172) Which of the following state is bound on the South of Odisha:
A) Maharashtra
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Karnataka

Q173) Currently how many MLA’s are there in Odisha Government:
A) 127
B) 137
C) 147
D) 157

Q174) Putudi Waterfall is a tributary to which of the following river:
A) Baitarani
B) Mahanadi
C) Brahmani
D) Indravati

Q175) What is the approximate area of Bhubaneswar:
A) 122 KM²
B) 222 KM²
C) 322 KM²
D) 422 KM²

Q176) When does the rainy season starts in Odisha:
A) June to August
B) July to October
C) March to July
D) August to September

Q177) Kanjia Lake is the part of which of the following National Park:
A) Bhitarkanika National Park
B) Nandankanan Zoological Park
C) Simlipal National Park
D) Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary

Q178) Which day is celebrated as Panchayat Raj Diwas in Odisha:
A) 5th March
B) 5th April
C) 5th May
D) 5th June

Q179) The hot water spring Atri is located at:
A) Dhenkanal
B) Khordha
C) Koraput
D) Jagatsinghpur

Q180) Sarala Devi was the first woman elected to the Odisha assembly from:
A) Patkura
B) Pattamundai
C) Rajnagar
D) Binjharpur

Q181) Under whose governorship Odisha was kept under the president’s rule for the most extended period in 1970:
A) B. D. Jatti
B) Dr. S. S. Ansari
C) Dr. Kailash Nath Katju
D) P. Kumarswamy Raja

Q182) When Odia was introduced as the medium of instruction in all primary schools:
A) 1903
B) 1936
C) 1867
D) 1858

Q183) Who was the governor of Odisha at the time of India got independence:
A) Chandulal Madhavia Trivedi
B) Sir J. A. Hubback
C) Sayed Fazal Ali
D) Kailash Nath Katju

Q184) Who was the first and only chief minister of Odisha to be associated with the drafting of the constitution:
A) Gajapati Krushna Chandra Deo
B) Bishwanath Das
C) H. K. Mahatab
D) Biju Patnaik

Q185) What was the approximate area of Odisha when it became a separate state in 1936:
A) 32,198 Sq Mile
B) 36,498 Sq Mile
C) 42,498 Sq Mile
D) 48,198 Sq Mile

Q186) In which year the districts of Cuttack, Balasore, and Puri were conquered by the East India Company:
A) 1803
B) 1813
C) 1823
D) 1857

Q187) The Mahanadi is the __ largest river in India:
A) Fourth
B) Fifth
C) Sixth
D) Nineth

Q188) The river Subarnarekha has a total length of about __ in Odisha:
A) 70 KM
B) 89 KM
C) 98 KM
D) 104 KM

Q189) The Mandira dam is situated over which of the following river:
A) Tel
B) Koel
C) Sankh
D) Baitarani

Q190) Which of the following rivers drains three states, including Odisha, before entering the Bay of Bengal:
A) Subarnarekha
B) Brahmani
C) Mahanadi
D) Rushikulya

Q191) Which of the following geographical feature in Odisha is termed as Zone of Transition between the plain and the mountainous region:
A) Arable Tract
B) Salt Tract
C) Rolling Uplands
D) Submontane Plateaus

Q192) Which of the following is not the coastal district of Odisha:
A) Ganjam
B) Puri
C) Balasore
D) Gajapati

Q193) How many biosphere reserves are there in Odisha:
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Q194) Which district of Odisha has the highest forest covers as per the India State of Forest Report 2019:
A) Mayurbhanj
B) Kandhamal
C) Malkangiri
D) Keonjhar

Q195) What is the total length of the Hirakud Dam, which is the world’s longest dam:
A) 25 KM
B) 26 KM
C) 28 KM
D) 30 KM

Q196) Which wind brings rainfall in Odisha:
A) Northeast Monsoon
B) Southeast Monsoon
C) Westerly Jet Stream
D) Eastern Monsoon Winds

Q197) Which of the following is not a literary masterpiece by Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja:
A) Subhadra Parinaya
B) Koti Brahmanda
C) Rasa Vinoda
D) Lavanya Vati

Q198) Which of the following was the smallest territorial unit of administration during Mughal role in Odisha:
A) Mauza
B) Taluk
C) Pragana
D) Rajya

Q199) Who was the first graduate of Odisha:
A) Radhanath Ray
B) Madhusudan Das
C) Bishwanath Kar
D) None of the Above

Q200) Which among the following is the oldest tribe in Odisha:
A) Gond
B) Santal
C) Gadava
D) Saura

Q201) How many divisions are there in Odisha:
A) 2 Divisions
B) 3 Divisions
C) 4 Divisions
D) 7 Divisions

Q202) Which one of the following schemes of Odisha was launched on 15 August 2018:
A) Nirmal Scheme
B) Sunetra Scheme
C) Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana
D) None of These

Q203) Odisha hosted _______ world cup in Bhubaneswar 2018:
A) Cricket
B) Carrom
C) Hockey
D) Kho Kho

Q204) Jatin Das is a famous:
A) Dancer
B) Freedom Fighter
C) Politician
D) Painter

Q205) Which among the following famous politician served as CM of Odisha twice from 1961 to 1963 and 1990 to 1995:
A) Bishwanath Das
B) Biju Patnaik
C) Nandini Satpathy
D) Surrender Sai

Q206) In which year Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary was designated as an elephant reserve:
A) 1962
B) 1972
C) 1982
D) 1992

Q207) The ancient university of Odisha, Pushpagiri, is located in which district of Odisha:
A) Ganjam
B) Puri
C) Jajpur
D) Gajapati

Q208) How many districts of Odisha shares their border with Jharkhand:
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Q209) How many districts of Odisha shares their border with Andhra Pradesh:
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

Q210) In terms of population which among the following is the largest tribe in Odisha:
A) Kandha
B) Santal
C) Saura
D) Bonda

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