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Assam History MCQ

Assam is a historically prominent place with around 1600 years old history. In the midst of various historical events, the rise and fall of different ethnic groups, we have reached the present situation. Here we have covered 300+ important Assam History MCQ collected from various tests to help you stay motivated and overcome your history phobia.

Assam History MCQ allows us to study and learn more about the history and culture of ancient Assam. But most of the students get irritated and confused in the exam hall after facing an easy MCQ on Assam History. So here are some of the most important questions & answers you need to know about Assam History.

A Short Overview of 300+ Most Important Assam History MCQ Questions:

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The Ultimate Guide for Assam History MCQ:

It is vital to acquire a complete grasp of Assam History MCQ to know the history of ancient Assam. But the majority of our students have a misconception in their mind that history is a boring subject. But, trust me, if your concept is clear, then there is nothing easier than history. Based on the previous exam pattern and question paper, we have divided MCQ’s on Assam History into four major parts:

  • The Ancient Era
  • The Medieval Era
  • The Colonial Era
  • The Post Colonial Era

Keeping all the above points in mind, we have handpicked a set of 300+ most probable Assam History MCQ, which might ask in your upcoming job exam. So stop wasting your valuable time and start your preparation today with Assam History MCQ PDF. So let’s prepare yourself to tackle all questions on Assam History in a better way.

Importance of Assam History MCQ in Competetive Exam:

Assam History MCQ‘s play an essential role in every competitive exam in Assam. It’s a fact that almost 20-30% of the total marks are solely occupied by the Assam History MCQ in every competitive exam in Assam. Here we have published a series of Assam History GK PDF to clear your all doubt from the very beginning to the advanced level.

300+ Most Probable Assam History GK You Never Knew Before:

Assam History GK is a very vast and detailed topic. It requires a lot of effort and diligent study to master Assam History MCQ. This article is a complete analysis of 300+ important Questions on Assam History, which are already asked on APSC Prelims & Mains, Assam Police, PNRD, etc. So before appearing in the actual exam, let’s crack this Assam History MCQ quiz test.

Q1) King Kandarpeswar was allowed to settle in which place after the 1857 revolt:
A) Jorhat
B) Tezpur
C) Sadia
D) Guwahati

Q2) In how many parts the British divided Assam for the provision of administration:
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

Q3) Who was on duty in lower Assam under British administration in Assam:
A) David Burner
B) David Scott
C) Captain Wales
D) Thomas Roe

Q4) For how many days captain Wales stayed in Assam:
A) 15 Months
B) 16 Months
C) 17 Months
D) 19 Months

Q5) Kanaklata Baruah was killed while she was trying to host the tri-color in which police station:
A) Gohpur
B) Darrang
C) Sarupathar
D) Tezpur

Q6) Who was the only Assamese to take part in the Historic Round Table Conference as a representative of India:
A) Chandradhar Barua
B) Gopinath Bordoloi
C) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi
D) Bishnuram Medhi

Q7) Who was the only Assamese to take part in the historic Dandi March:
A) Chandradhar Baruah
B) Liladhar Baruah
C) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi
D) Bishnuram Medhi

Q8) When did Assam Pradesh Congress Committee form:
A) 1885
B) 1905
C) 1917
D) 1921

Q9) Who led the famous 1857 revolt against British in Assam:
A) Piyoli Phukan and Jeuram Dulia Baruah
B) Harakanta and Haranath
C) Moniram Dewan and Piyoli Baruah
D) Anandaram Dhekial Phukan and Gunabhiram Baruah

Q10) Who led the fist notable revolt against British in Assam:
A) Piyoli Phukan
B) Jeuram Duliya Baruah
C) Gumadhar Konwar
D) Harakanta

Q11) Who was known as “Vikramaditya” of Kamrup:
A) Rudra Singha
B) Lachit Borphukan
C) Naranarayan
D) Chilarai

Q12) The Phulaguri uprising of the Phulaguri area in the Nowgong district took place in the year:
A) 1841
B) 1851
C) 1861
D) 1871

Q13) How many “Ghosas” are there in the Nama Ghosa:
A) 500
B) 1000
C) 1500
D) 2000

Q14) Which one of these Satradhikar played an essential role in India’s Freedom and Social Reform Movement:
A) Auniatiya Satradhikar
B) Bengenatiya Satradhikar
C) Kamalabari Satradhikar
D) Dakhinpatiya Satradhikar

Q15) The Ahom King Siva Singha declared his chief queen as Bar Raja. Who was she:
A) Phuleswari
B) Ambika
C) Mula Ghabharu
D) Sarbeswari

Q16) The Moamaria rebellion is related to which of the following:
A) Conflict between Ahoms and Morans
B) Conflict between Ahoms and Mughals
C) Conflict between Ahoms and Chutiyas
D) None of these

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Q17) Which of the personality was better known as an economist and social reformer during the Ahom rule:
A) Purnananda Buragohain
B) Momai Tamuli Borbaruah
C) Lachit Borphukan
D) None of these

Q18) The Ahom kingdom originated in which period of History:
A) Medieval
B) Ancient
C) Modern
D) None of these

Q19) During whose reign Kachari kingdom was entirely captured by Ahoms:
A) Pratap Singha
B) Siva Singha
C) Gadadhar Singha
D) Rudra Singha

Q20) In Sanskrit inscriptions, the name of Naranarayan is mentioned as:
A) Kshatriya
B) Purandar
C) Malladeva
D) Kamateswar

Q21) Who was the first Ahom Emperor to assume the Hindu title Swarga Naranaraya:
A) Siva Singha
B) Pratap Singha
C) Jayadhvaj Singha
D) Suhungmung

Q22) Gohain Kamal Ali, constructed by Gohain Kamal from Koch Bihar to Narayanpur, was built during the reign of:
A) Nara Narayan
B) Parkshit Narayan
C) Biswa Singha
D) Raghu Dev

Q23) Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a:
A) Zamindar
B) King
C) Frontier Officer
D) Naval Commander

Q24) Year 1894 is related to:
A) Phulguri Dhawa
B) Rangia Revolt
C) Patharughat Revolt
D) None of the above

Q25) The Ahom Maidams are:
A) Elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings
B) Large fields
C) Temples
D) Enclosure for sporting activities

Q26) The Ahom marriage is popularly known as:
A) Chaklang
B) Gandharva
C) Homa
D) Shyambar

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Q27) Who was the Ahom king when Mir Jumla invade Assam:
A) Suhungmung
B) Jayadhwaj Singha
C) Pratap Singha
D) Chakradhwaj Singha

Q28) Which historian came along with Mir Jumla:
A) Shiabuddin Talish
B) Ralph Fitch
C) Malik Kafur
D) Hieun Tsang

Q29) Which general was deputed by Aurangzeb to capture Assam:
A) Mir Jumla
B) Shiabuddin
C) Danial
D) None of the Above

Q30) Which Sutiya king built Sadiya:
A) Ratnadhwajpal
B) Garudadhiraj
C) Vijayadhiraj
D) Vikramdhiraj

Q31) When Srimanta Sankardeva fled the Ahom kingdom he was given shelter by:
A) Naranarayan
B) Kalibhomora
C) Chilarai
D) Rudra Singha

Q32) Which of the following Ahom King introduced the Buranji written in Assam:
A) Pramatta Singha
B) Rudra Singha
C) Sukaphaa
D) Sukhampha

Q33) Sukaphaa is said to have marched through which pass of Patkai ranges of hills:
A) Khyber Pass
B) Pangchu Pass
C) Diphu Pass
D) Bomdila

Q34) Who was the only representative from Assam as well as the Northeast in the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution:
A) Sir Akbar Hydari
B) Gopinath Bordoloi
C) Syed Muhammad Saadulla
D) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

Q35) During which dynasty Madan Kamdev temple was built:
A) Ahom Dynasty
B) Koch Dynasty
C) Matak Dynasty
D) Pala Dynasty

Q36) By what popular name is Shyed Shah Milan known in Assam:
A) Nasiruddin
B) Chand Ali
C) Ajan Fakir
D) Chandsai

Q37) Who wrote Prahlada Charitra:
A) Hem Saraswati
B) Rudra Kandali
C) Harivara Vipra
D) Madhab Kandali

Q38) The third Assamese film Monomoti was released in the year:
A) 1935
B) 1938
C) 1941
D) 1943

Q39) The first Assamese daily newspaper Batori was published from:
A) Jorhat
B) Sivasagar
C) Tinsukia
D) Dibrugarh

Q40) Which one of the following is the first Government college in Assam:
A) JB College
B) Cotton College
C) Assam Medical College
D) Arya Vidyapith College

Q41) The first Assamese Sonet book Malach was written by:
A) Hiteshwar Borborah
B) Hemchandra Goswami
C) Nabakanta Baruah
D) Nalinibala Devi

Q42) In which year communist party was formed at Golaghat:
A) 1943
B) 1944
C) 1945
D) 1946

Q43) From which year All India Radio (AIR) started its operation in Assam:
A) 1947
B) 1948
C) 1949
D) 1950

Q44) AGP came to the power in Assam for the first time in:
A) 1984
B) 1985
C) 1986
D) 1987

Q45) In 1980 the first lady chief minister of Assam Syeda Anwara Taimur formed the ministry only for:
A) 5 Months
B) 6 Months
C) 7 Months
D) 8 Months

Q46) Why was Sudangpha called as Bamuni Raja:
A) He loved Brahmins
B) He donated lands to Brahmins
C) He was brought up in a Brahmin Family
D) None of the Above

Q47) Which Ahom king made the capital at Charguya near the Dihing river:
A) Sukapha
B) Sukhrungpha
C) Sudangpha.
D) Suteupha

Q48) Mahendra Nath Hazarika is associated with:
A) Mrityu Bahini
B) Andolon Bahini
C) Juga Bahini
D) None of the Above

Q49) Who was the chief of the Swaraj Party in Assam:
A) Liladhar Baruah
B) Tarun Ram Phukan
C) Manik Chandra Baruah
D) None of the Above

Q50) Along with the AASU, which other organisation of Assam signed the Assam Accord:

Q51) Who was the Prime Minister of India during the signing of the Assam Accord:
A) Rajiv Gandhi
B) Deve Gowda
C) AB Vajpayee
D) Rajib Gandhi

Q52) Which one of the following Public Sector Unit was born out of the Assam Accord:

Q53) Who represented the Mughal side in the treaty of Ghilajharighat:
A) Samsuddin Faiz
B) Mir Jumla
C) Ram Singha
D) Badauni

Q54) The Subansiri was fixed as the boundary between the Ahom and Koch Kingdom by:
A) Treaty of Asurar Ali
B) Treaty of Alaboi
C) Treaty of Majuli
D) None of the Above

Q55) Which of the following historical sites contains examples of Gupta Architecture:
A) Da Parbatia
B) Suryapahar
C) Madan Kamdev
D) Agnigarh

Q56) The Ahom Maidams are shaped like:
A) Pyramids
B) Gardens
C) Tombs
D) Arches

Q57) Which of the following sites has Hindu, Buddhist and Jain relics together:
A) Malegarh
B) Suryapahar
C) Kamakhya Temple
D) Konark

Q58) What is the name of the first Assamese women megazine:
A) Bahi
B) Arunudoi
C) Ghar Jeoti

Q59) The first and only Sanskrit College in Assam situated at:
A) Nalbari
B) Jorhat
C) Guwahati
D) Golaghat

Q60) Who was the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha held at Shillong in 1953:
A) Lakhminath Bazbarua
B) Padmanath Gohain Barua
C) Surjya Kumar Bhuyan
D) Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

Q61) Panchayat Raj was formed in Assam for the first time:
A) 1957
B) 1958
C) 1959
D) 1960

Q62) Assam was tagged with which provience during colonial rule:
A) Bengal
B) Bihar
C) Shylet
D) None of the Above

Q63) Which of the following association was formed by Manik Chandra Baruah:
A) Assam Independence Legue
B) Assam Association
C) Assam Sabha
D) None of the Above

Q64) Who was the king of the Morans when Sukapha came to Assam:
A) Badancha
B) Thakumtha
C) Maulung
D) Burahi

Q65) Who was the Ahom king during the first war of Ahoms against a powerful kingdom called Kamata:
A) Sudangpha
B) Suteupha
C) Sukapha
D) Sukhangpha

Q66) The Assam Association, the first political organization in Assam was formed in:
A) 1902
B) 1903
C) 1904
D) 1905

Q67) The first railway line was opened in Assam between:
A) Dibrugarh to Margherita
B) Dibrugarh to Guwahati
C) Dibrugarh to Tinsukia
D) Dibrugarh to Jorhat

Q68) The Kaziranga was announced as protected area by Lord Curzon at:
A) 1905
B) 1906
C) 1907
D) 1908

Q69) The first medical college of Assam was established at:
A) Guwahati
B) Dibrugarh
C) Silchar
D) Jorhat

Q70) From which year Bordoloi Trophy Football turnament was started in Guwahati:
A) 1952
B) 1953
C) 1954
D) 1955

Q71) In which year Saraighat Bridge was inaugurated over the river Brahmaputra:
A) 1960
B) 1961
C) 1962
D) 1963

Q72) The first mobile theatre of Assam Nataraj was started by:
A) Achyut Lahkar
B) Jahnu Barua
C) Tapan Das
D) Jyoti Prashad Agarwalla

Q73) Assam hosted the National Games for the first time in:
A) 2004
B) 2005
C) 2006
D) 2007

Q74) The Ahoms originally came from:
A) Maolung
B) Arakan
C) Rakhine
D) None of the Above

Q75) Upper Assam was annexed to British Empire in:
A) 1837
B) 1838
C) 1839
D) 1857

Q76) During 1376 to 1380 AD, the Borgohain and Buragohain carried on the administration. Who was the next Ahom king after them:
A) Sutupha
B) Sukrangpha
C) Tyaokhamti
D) Sulikpha

Q77) Dihingia Raja defeated the Kacharis in 1531 AD. What is the Ahom name of Dihingia Raja:
A) Susenpha
B) Suhungmung
C) Sudangpha
D) Suteupha

Q78) Which of the following cultural institution was born out of Assam Accord:
A) Rock Garden
B) Assam State Museum
C) Srimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra
D) Rabindra Bhawan

Q79) Dimapur was the capital of the:
A) Ahom Kings
B) Chutia Kings
C) Kachari Kings
D) Bhuyans

Q80) Which king of Assam is participated in the Kannauj religious festival:
A) Bala Varman
B) Mahendra Varman
C) Pushya Varman
D) Bhaskar Varman

Q81) From whose reign Sanskrit language was used in Ahom coins:
A) Siva Singha
B) Pratap Singha
C) Rudra Singha
D) Suhungmung

Q82) Which of the following is considered as the daughter of Bhagadatta:
A) Bhanumoti
B) Indumoti
C) Manomoti
D) None of the Above

Q83) The war between Nara and Ahom was took place during whose reign:
A) Sukapha
B) Suteupha
C) Suhungmung
D) Subinpha

Q84) The first Assamese magazine to have introduced cartoon was:
A) Jonaki
B) Bahi
C) Bijuli
D) Surabhi

Q85) Who was the Prime Minister of king Bana:
A) Bhaluk
B) Kumbhanda
C) Muru
D) Ratnasura

Q86) Tamradhwaj was the king of which of the following dynasty:
A) Pala
B) Chutiya
C) Ahom
D) Kachari

Q87) The Dighali Pukhuri in Guwahati is associated with:
A) Harshavardhan
B) Narakasura
C) Bhagadatta
D) Bhaskarvarman

Q88) Hinduism was established in Pragjyotishpur by the king:
A) Narakasura
B) Sri Krishna
C) Bhagadatta
D) Banasura

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1) Is Assam History GK is compulsory for Assam competitive exams ?

Yes, you must have a deep knowledge of Assam History to crack any competitive exam in Assam.

2) Is Assam History MCQ is available in PDF format ?

Yes, you can download Assam History MCQ in PDF at completely free of cost from our site.

3) How many questions are there in Assam History MCQ series ?

There are more then 300 most probable Assam History MCQ quiz are available.

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